Hugo Chavez Endorses Obama!

Kind of like the creepy kid in high school who wears all black and draws pictures of knives on his backpack vouching for your coolness to the cheerleaders, or Tom Cruise blessing your marriage, the great Hugo Chavez has endorsed Barack Obama for president! And while this news means absolutely nothing politically, it is an interesting look into what world opinion is concerning our crazy politics. Although Obama probably won’t put Chavez on any television ads or campaign with him, it is no surprise that world leaders are supporting the President’s re-election. In a world that looks upon conservatism with increasing suspicion and deregulated capitalism with a case of PTSD — Weimar Republic, anyone? — it is no wonder that the further left a candidate is, the more likely they are to receive more global backing. And really, what could go wrong with that?!

Read the Atlantic’s completely non-sarcastic article on this very, very serious issue.

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