Listen to our Favorite Music of 2012 on Spotify! BONUS: Our Personal Favorites!

Now that we’ve vouched for our favorite albums, it’s time for you to hear what we’re talking about. We’ve made a couple playlists for you, so you can hear what all the fuss is about. If your conscience will allow it, enjoy!

First, here’s a playlist with our top ten albums.

And this one’s really special: one giant playlist with every album in ever individual writer’s top ten. If you’re big on music discovery, this one will keep you occupied for a while. It’s chock full of the weird, wonderful, guilty, slightly disturbing stuff that didn’t make the top ten. Doesn’t that sound great?

About Richard Clark

Richard H. Clark is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Christ and Pop Culture. He has a Master of Arts in Theology and the Arts from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He lives in Louisville, Ky. He is also the managing editor of Gamechurch and a freelance writer for Unwinnable, Paste, and other outlets.
E-mail: clarkrichardh [at] gmail [dot] com.
Twitter: @deadyetliving

  • Michael

    Woah! I’ll be listening to this while I work on school stuff for a while! :D