ELSEWHERE: Pentagon Silencing Christians in Military?

Ed Morrissey takes a nuanced look at the revised DOD regs on proselytizing. Good on him for not adding to the Todd Starnes scarefest. But I think he’s a little too charitable. When I was an Army logistics officer, there was already pressure on chaplains not to pray “in Jesus’s name.” The military’s tendency towards diversitocracy is real and it’s harmful – all the more reason to get the story straight. Meanwhile, World Mag picks up the story.

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  • http://byzantium.wordpress.com Kullervo

    As a fun game, try using the search function over on the Pagan channel (or on the Wild Hunt/Pagan Newswire Collective site that used to be on Patheos and is now independent) for about ten seconds to see monotone, persistent hysteria about the supposedly aggressively militant fundamentalist/Pentecostal Christian chaplaincy that is threatening our very liberties from inside the US armed forces.