Lecrae is on Vine and He’s Kind Of Awesome at It

I had been vaguely aware of Lecrae for years. My reformed pastor friends all insisted that his music was like a rapped theology lesson, so naturally, I passed. However, I first truly discovered Lecrae with the release of Church Clothes, a masterful and brutally honest mixtape that signaled his intention to make rap music that was more authentic than pedantic. With his latest album, Gravity, he didn’t disappoint, producing some incredibly self-aware and uninhibited rap music that managed to win him some significant crossover fame.

Vine is often described as “Twitter for Video” – a 6-second looping clip with VERY basic editing capabilities. Lecrae, who posted his first vine 29 days ago, seems to be a natural at using the service. Some examples:

Lecrae shares his frustrations with parenting

Lecrae confronts his fears

Lecrae displays Christian road rage

Lecrae goes to a manly barber shop

Lecrae shares a memory from childhood

Lecrae is going to be on TV

For a more esoteric Vine experience from another Christian hip hop artist, check out Propaganda, the rapper most recently known for causing that whole “Precious Puritans” debate.

Get Vine on the iOS store or Google Play. Then subscribe to these guys. You will love it so much.

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