ELSEWHERE: The Spiritual Draw of the City

Last night, my wife and I got dressed up, hopped in the car, and took the two-hour drive from Waco to Austin just so that we could be in a city for dinner. I’m not sure I understand why we did it; however, Christianity Today just published an article by Aaron Renn entitled “Why Cities Feel Glorious” that might contain an answer. If you, like me, are drawn to urban centers, consider Renn’s words:

Suburbs are often unfairly maligned as lacking the qualities that make cities great. But one place that criticism can be fair is in the area of sacred space. There most certainly is sacred space in the suburbs, but usually less of it than in the city both quantitatively and qualitatively. In fact, the comparative lack of sacred space is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the suburb that makes it “sub” urban, that is, in a sense lesser than the city.

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