ELSEWHERE: More Unworldly than Fundies?!

It looks like the United States government got a little jealous of some quarters of American Christianity. In an effort to prove it can be just as silly as buttoned-down churchgoers, the Economic Development Administration went gangsta – Office Space style – on some electronic office equipment. Alas, wasting millions of dollars was not as catharsis. The agency’s Chief Information Officer – a person paid, mind you, as an executive expert in information technology – wanted to be sure malware was eradicated.

About S. L. Whitesell

Lee studies law at the University of Pennsylvania. He and his wife Joanna live in Philadelphia.

  • E. Stephen Burnett

    And we command thee, O spirit of Trojan, come out of that fax muh-chine! We duh-mand this in the name of the LAWD and we BIND thee, thy spirit of digital iniquity!

  • Jon Sharpton

    Does that mean IT Staff are Computer Exorcists?
    Because I’m totally down with that.