We’re Updating Our Comment Policy

A few weeks ago, we debuted our first ever comment policy. The gist of it was: don’t be a jerk.

Well, it turns out, that wasn’t enough.

As of today our new policy can be summed up as: “be charitable.” Aside from having a more positive spin, it also allows us to more liberally rid discussions of comments that flirt with the line of jerkiness without ever crossing it. These kinds of comments are insidious because they follow the letter of the law but they ultimately make the community significantly more toxic.

We hope this new policy encourages more discussion, but more importantly, we look forward to discussion that is characterized by people open to talking with one another rather than at one another. As always we are very much open to reader input and questions, so feel free to engage us!

You can read our new policy, as well as some helpful hints for not getting deleted (and just for being a better person!), here.

About Richard Clark

Richard H. Clark is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Christ and Pop Culture. He has a Master of Arts in Theology and the Arts from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He lives in Louisville, Ky. He is also the managing editor of Gamechurch and a freelance writer for Unwinnable, Paste, and other outlets.
E-mail: clarkrichardh [at] gmail [dot] com.
Twitter: @deadyetliving