So Should Best Buy Sell Prayer Beads?

In response to Mexico's plan (with help from Radio Shack)  to beat the US soccer team? … [Read more...]


It looks as though the "stimulus" bill will be sailing through Congress and onto President Obama's desk.  Is that term truth in advertising when it is really a debt increase package? Anyway, this article by Jim Manzi is one of the many good pieces out there showing the faults of this bill and the thinking behind it.It should be noted how a large piece of the money won't be spent for several years. Even the largest single-year chunk doesn't flow out till next year. That isn't stimulus; it is pet … [Read more...]

“The Audacity of Hope” in God’s Sovereignty

President-Elect Barack Obama carries a warm place in his heart for Abraham Lincoln. He cites Doris Kearns Goodwin’s excellent Lincoln volume Team of Rivals as an important influence. He has written in Time magazine about him. Obama even intends to use the same Bible as President Lincoln in taking the oath of office.Why the special affection for “Honest Abe”? It could be their common home state of Illinois. Maybe it lay in Lincoln’s status as one of our greatest Presidents. Regardless, Obama wil … [Read more...]

Pork and Beans

Weezer does Internet Pop Culture. … [Read more...]

The Devil’s Work

Satan admits his hand in the latest installment of GTA. … [Read more...]

Attention "This American Life" Fans

If you are into This American Life, you might want to go here for this. (HT: Max Wood) … [Read more...]

Graph Jams

Graph Jams: Pop culture for people in cubicles. … [Read more...]

'The Hobbit' Update

Guillermo del Toro announced as director for the much anticipated film production of 'The Hobbit.' … [Read more...]

Music and Difference

"I think it ought to have struck some manly man a while ago, perhaps while watching Braveheart, that for a man to really, really thoroughly enjoy Braveheart might be a little queer." … [Read more...]

Colbert and Evil

Stephen Colbert on the doctrine of evil. … [Read more...]