Regarding this Adminstration and Before

Some international issues relating to both our current and recently-past Presidents:South Korea seems to be standing up to North Korea regarding its alleged sinking of a South Korean vessel. North Korea, being so deep in the grip of tyranny, only understands force and therefore threatened vioent retaliation or even war if the South or anyone else acted against them. South Korea is calling their bluff, and the United States is rightly supporting them. This is a prudent move on the part of the Ob … [Read more...]

Diamond Fellowship: What Baseball Can Teach Us About Community and Worship

America is a nation in love with sports. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey—we find these and many more reasons to watch games in person and on television.  Baseball, which used to be the national pastime, remains a popular but less dominant sport, especially compared to the NFL.While I have spoken of my love for baseball before, the renewal of a new season brings new reasons for that affection. In philosophy, it is often argued that we love certain persons or things either because they ar … [Read more...]

Keep this on the DL?

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Eddison Volquez becomes the first player to test positive for performance enhancing drugs in the 2010 season. He is suspended for 50 games, the same punishment Manny Ramirez received for the same offense last year. Volquez was an all-star two years ago but had tommy john surgery last year. Here's the interesting part:  he is not expected back from his injury/surgery until late July yet he can serve his suspension while on the disabled list. Therefore, while he'll lose … [Read more...]

Marvin Olasky and social justice

With all the hoopla about Glenn Beck v. Jim Wallis on "social justice," this is worth noting. Marvin Olasky has a problem with how many theologians and pastors mean the term "social justice." He says, if necessary, find another church. A snippet of his thoughts (via Between Two Worlds):[M]odern usage [of the term "social justice"] by liberal preachers and journalists is thoroughly unbiblical: Many equate social justice with fighting a free enterprise system that purportedly keeps people poor … [Read more...]

First Church of Barack

President Obama and the First family attended Easter services in Anacostia (part of DC). During their visit "the parishioners and preachers made him a focal point of the service." One quote:Most speakers also focused, at least momentarily, on Obama's attendance. Bell, the pastor, called him "the most intelligent, most anointed, most charismatic president this country has ever seen." Then he looked at Obama and said: "God has his hands all over you." … [Read more...]

Don't Cover Your Head

Interesting article discussing France's new attempt to ban head scarves. France remains a fascinating case in the debate about secularism, integration of immigrants, and Islam.  The nation's doctrine of laïcité or national secularism, mixed with an understanding of citizenship that is based on blood or ethnicity continues to conflict with an intensely segregated Muslim community. It shows once again the differences between the American and French Revolutions, whose understandings undergird the di … [Read more...]

Long text is so passe

The Onion mocks our texting, short-attention spanned culture in its signature way. … [Read more...]

Seven-year-old playground war

Roberty Gibbs continues the White House's rather childishly-enacted attack on the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Roberts was right to criticize the way President Obama singled out the Court during the State of the Union. The action was not unconstitutional; it was not illegal. But it was in bad taste to subject the Court to a standing ovation against it in a setting where it had no chance to defend itself. If he is upset about the tone of those opposing Health Care, he could set a better … [Read more...]

A Tea Date With Fate: Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"

Many of us recall Disney’s first “Alice in Wonderland.” This animated spectacle formed many of our images of Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat. Now comes Tim Burton’s remake. Burton’s past work makes this project ideal for the director. Add in Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and the project appears to be headed for critical praise and box office gold.But does this match made in Heaven work? Wonderland (or Underland as it is actually called) is a visual treat. Tim Burton’s strongest suit … [Read more...]

On Education

President Obama draws fire for his support of the complete lay-off of the staff at a failing Rhode Island School. This school had a terrible graduation rate and a 7% passage rate on state math tests. The article mentions some of President Obama's education policies. Though I don't line up with his ideas completely, I think he is doing some interesting and, by government standards, innovative things to improve public education. … [Read more...]