A CAPC Dialogue: Violence in Blood Meridian, Part 2

Though Christians have spent a lot of time discussing sex and language in movies and books, we’ve generally devoted less effort to analyzing the effect of reading about or viewing violence. Here, two of our CAPC writers, Alan Noble and Carissa Smith, discuss these issues in relation to Blood Meridian.Don't miss the first installment of their dialogue, in which they describe their initial experiences with the novel and discuss what Christian and non-Christian readers could possibly gain from r … [Read more...]

But It's About Christ!: Why it is Important to be a Critical Christian

When I was in my teens, I played guitar for my youth group's worship team. There were five or six of us on the team, and none of us were particularly good at playing an instrument or singing, but we were the best the group had to offer. We played every Sunday night for the youth group and practiced about once a week. Our biggest moment was when the youth group had a special event one Sunday afternoon. All the youths were going to be there and some adults would show up too. We planed this event … [Read more...]

Trip Lee explains how Reach Records spreads the Gospel

In this post on the Desiring God blog, Trip Lee of Reach Records explains how he and others are working to redeem Hip-Hop and use it to reach the otherwise unreachable. [HT. Owen] … [Read more...]

Boundless Magazine Openly challenges Christianity Today's review of Sex in the City

Ted Slater from Boundless Magazine writes an open letter to Christianity Today calling for repentance over their review of Sex in the City: "My advice to you, the editors of CT, in the words of Jesus: repent. Don't make excuses. Don't try to spin what Christians find offensive in this movie. Don't try to point out the virtues of this movie that redeem it. Just humble yourselves and repent, and pull your God-dishonoring promotion of this vile movie." … [Read more...]

Franky Schaeffer wants Obama to win

Frank (aka "Franky" the son of Francis) Schaeffer tells us why he, a major supporter of the Right, happily supports Obama: "I think we all vote on an emotional level, whatever we say about our "reasons." And I know that I'm not the only tired culture warrior from the right who feels relieved and uplifted and -- most importantly -- believes Obama when I hear him talk about bringing us together to shape a better future. I also believe that he is an authentic man of faith. His sincere inclusion of … [Read more...]

Should We "Vote with Our Dollars"? Part 2

In the first part of this series, Alan Noble looked at what the phrase "vote with your dollars" means in church culture and what ideology it supports. In its common usage, the phrase seems to be used to support two main ideas: if we vote for Christian films, more Christian films will be made; and if we vote for films that include a Christian worldview, the Church will have a more prominent voice in the media. Part 1 of this series dealt with the former idea, and this concluding post will explore … [Read more...]

Should We "Vote with Our Dollars"? Part 1

When last month's Expelled was released, I was encouraged by several believers to see it in theaters in order to support "that kind of movie," to vote with my dollars. The last time I heard "vote with your dollars" regularly used in the Church was the release of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. When that film was in theaters I questioned whether it actually presented a Christian worldview, but my objections were disregarded by some who would counter by replying, "well, it may not be … [Read more...]

Sex in the City

Jeffrey Wells finds the new Sex in the City movie vomit-worthy. [HT: Overstreet] … [Read more...]

The Playfulness of Indiana Jones

When I first heard that Lucas and Spielberg were making a new Indiana Jones film, I wanted to track Lucas down and give him my $6.25 so I wouldn't have to watch another classic franchise become lost to bad dialog and not-really-believable digital effects. I left our local movie theater 20 minutes ago after seeing what I hope is the final Indy film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, and I am pleased to say that my fears were misplaced--sort of.My original worries did … [Read more...]

In Prince Caspian Aslan is again Denatured?

According to Steven D. Greydanus, the Aslan we meet in Prince Caspian is denatured, much like in the first film; and producer Douglas Gresham, Lewis’s stepson, seems oblivious to the changes from the books. HT: Overstreet. … [Read more...]