Josh Harris' Inside Info on the Shout to the Lord Idol Episode

Josh Harris has the "Inside Scoop" on the Shout to the Lord fiasco. … [Read more...]

LA Times Believes that American Idol is in a Slump

The LA Times reports that American Idol's ratings are way down. Any ideas why? … [Read more...]

What To Do About Embarrassingly Bad Popular Christian Music

It's happened to us all at one time or another. Whether we are the ones confidently playing the music or patiently listening, we've all seen it happen:"Oh, you like 50 Cent? Then you gotta hear Lecrae man! Hold on, let me show you this one song he's got, it's dope, you'll love it"Both parties sit there uncomfortably as the song plays."So, what'dya think? The cool thing about them is they are Christian too! It just goes to show that you can be a believer and listen to cool music" "Yeah, … [Read more...]

Enjoying Culture without Being Consumed, Part 2

This is part two of a series. Read part one here.Enjoying Culture without being Consumed is a delicate balancing act, and I'm not claiming to be the tight-rope walker I ought to be. But I believe that we can gain our equilibrium if we remember a few truths:Enjoying the world around us is not bad. In fact, we are told to think on things that are worthy of praise, so whenever we encounter a cultural creation that we can praise--whether made by a believer or a non-believer--we can and should … [Read more...]

Enjoying Culture without Being Consumed

At Christ and Pop Culture we've had some wonderful discussions and debates about the culture around us and the way our faith interacts with culture. We believe it is good and important to discuss pop culture for a number or reasons: it affects the people we minister and witness to, it shapes the world around us, it is a creation of people made in the image of God, and since we are all a part of culture, we discuss it so that we can remain unspotted from the world while remaining in the … [Read more...]

The Coming Economic Crisis and Why It Might Be A Blessing In Disguise

Last Fall we started to hear the rumblings of concerned economists who seemed to have woken up one morning to a housing and credit market poised to collapse. Since that time, housing values have drastically fallen in many states, foreclosures have become common place, the dollar has fallen, gas prices have risen, J.P. Morgan and the Federal Government have had to buy out the nation's fifth largest investment firm in order to prevent global investors from losing all confidence in the US market, … [Read more...]

The Expelled Fiasco

Overstreet posts a letter he received from someone who was at the now infamous Expelled screening which was crashed by Dawkins and the Internets explode with debate. … [Read more...]

A.G. Harmon from Image offers an interesting take on Amazing Grace.

A.G. Harmon from Image offers an interesting take on Amazing Grace. Harmon questions whether or not there are subtle political statements made throughout the film or whether he has been trained to anticipate such statements in all modern films. … [Read more...]

Worship Team Arrested for playing "Rock"

Granted, much modern "Praise and Worship music" is of poor quality, even bordering on the offensive at times, but this is going too far. … [Read more...]

What should Christian Musicians do?

Lucas Kwong over at IMAGE explores the difficulties facing Christian musicians as rock music becomes increasingly stale. … [Read more...]