What products of pop culture prominently feature suburbia?

Join in on the discussion and name some movies, TV shows, albums or bands, or whatever in pop culture embodies or comments on suburbia. … [Read more...]

New Record Label for Overweight Gospel Singers

Just announced is a new record label for Gospel music and singers who are, in their words, "pleasingly plump".  Do you think Gospel music needs to go after this kind of niche market? … [Read more...]

Pop Culture Pastor

What do you think about a Pastor delivering his sermons dressed as the Joker?  To me, it seems way out of bounds. … [Read more...]

Eleven Thought Provoking Films Coming out this Fall

Take a look at Eleven Thought Provoking Films coming out this fall. … [Read more...]

Redeeming Pop Culture

Redeeming Pop Culture  Here’s a series of posts from the archives in which Jimmy Davis interviewed T. M. Moore about his book Redeeming Pop Culture: … [Read more...]

Jesus Made in America

Jesus Made in America  Stephen Nichols, in his new book, argues that Americans have remade Jesus in their own image. … [Read more...]

Thou Shalt Laugh

Thou Shalt Laugh  Christian comedians keep their comedy acts clean-Although Christians can do comedy, comedy about Christianity is problematic, making sure you don’t cross the line into what could be considered sacrilegious. … [Read more...]

The "Words" Used During the Two Conventions

The "Words" Used During the Two Conventions An interesting graphic shows the words that speakers used at the two political conventions.  The use of words, illustrates the various themes that the two parties highlighted during their 4-day conventions. … [Read more...]

The Pricetag for a Political Convention

The Pricetag for a Political Convention … [Read more...]

Memoirs from a Sci-fi geek

This past weekend I was getting my geek on by spending my Labor Day holiday at DragonCon in downtown Atlanta.  If you've never heard of DragonCon, it is one of the largest sci-fi, fantasy, gaming conventions in the U.S.  Just over 30,000 fans of comic books, anime, sci-fi/fantasy and gaming converged at this 4-day conference.  My own personal niche of interest was sci-fi and fantasy.  During DragonCon, I had the chance to meet the stars of my favorite shows and movies such as Battlestar Gal … [Read more...]