Ariel Castro and the Quest for Justice

Ariel Castro is a criminal of the worst sort. Outside of a horror novel, you will rarely encounter the sort of demented cruelty that Castro inflicted upon his victims. In case you haven't already read about it, Ariel Castro kidnapped, enslaved, raped, impregnated, and otherwise tortured three women in his house over the course of ten years. He chained them up, hid them, and prevented them from having any contact with the outside world. When family or friends came around looking for them, he … [Read more...]

How Church Softball is the Ultimate Jesus Juke

For the past five years, I've participated in a sport where old men go to pretend they're still athletes. Granted, there are dudes out there who still got game, and there are occasionally young guys who come out to play who aren't over the hill, but for the most part, it's guys in their mid-30s to mid-40s who have sedentary office jobs and run, jog, and do athletics once a year. The sport is church softball.Church softball is kind of hard to explain. It's not really that different from a … [Read more...]

Benny Hinn, The Street Fighter

What do you get when you add Street Fighter nostalgia with the Pentecostal Power of Benny Hinn and crew? Pure awesomeness and the best parody of forehead slapping preachers you have ever seen. I know that's a high bar, but seriously, the bonus rounds alone are worth the three minutes it takes to watch this. … [Read more...]

What To Do When a Family Member Posts Something Stupid on Facebook

Facebook used to be such a fun place for you. I remember those days, too. It was a nice place to find old friends from high school and maybe college, to check on old girlfriends and boyfriends to see if they've stayed fit and if they married somebody as cool as you, and to read fascinating updates of what everyone was up to in life. Good times!But then, your mom found Facebook. Then your crazy uncle got on there. And all your cousins. And your dad. Suddenly, it was like your little brother … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Drowning Doesn’t Look Like You Think It Does

Twenty years ago, I was sitting at a picnic table near a dock where some children were swimming. It was only a foot or so deep. I noticed a small blond head poking just above the surface, the water coming just over her nose and just under her eyes. Her arms were straight up in the air and unmoving. Her father was standing less than 20 feet away. I screamed, jumped in and grabbed her.750 children will drown this year. I beg you. Take time to read this article if you are going to be near the … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Surviving a Cultural Crisis

Good thoughts from Mark Dever regarding the "cultural shift" in the United States that is alienating Bible-believing Christians from the culture at large.  Well worth your time. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: A Ray of Hope After the Devastation in the Form of a Dog

First of all, it is amazing that this lady survived the tornado in that demolished house. Second, it is incredible that her dog survived as well. Wow. … [Read more...]

Moore, Oklahoma Needs Prayer and Help Right Now, Not Our Theological Pontifications

April 27, 2011, began like any other day. I had no idea that by day's end, 62 tornadoes would rip through my home state of Alabama. That afternoon, I watched the tornado form about a mile down the road from my house from my back porch. I had no idea what I was looking at. That conflagration of clouds that I watched would form an F5 tornado and sweep clean parts of Ider, Alabama.The last half of that day felt like a bombing raid. The tornado sirens blared practically all day and night. I told … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: IRS to Pro-Life Group: Promise Us This, or No Tax-Exemption for You

I cannot believe that the IRS did this. Not because I do not think people can't be this biased, but because the political and ethical ramifications of it should be dizzying. … [Read more...]

The IRS Targeted the Tea Party; Benghazi Cover Up

This scandal of the IRS targeting conservative organizations for audit is making conspiracy theorists seem less kooky. Combine that with John McCain talking about Benghazi today and trust in government may come to an all-time low. Which is pretty low already, right? Can we fall off the floor? … [Read more...]