Podcast #14: Dumbledore's Coming Out Party

Click here to listen!It goes without saying that without Harry Potter there would be no show. What else would David have to bring up every single episode - relentlessly - without bringing up Rich's brilliant (Or misguided?) claim that Harry Potter was a Christ figure?Well, J. K. Rowling is clearly messing with our heads. A few weeks ago, she announced to the world, "I always thought of Dumbledore as gay."Okay... this is a good time for some awkward silence, and maybe a meticulous hindsight … [Read more...]

Podcast #13: The Little Show of Horrors

Click here to listen!With Halloween upon us, everyone will be itching to be frightened, and these days movies are just a bit more popular than the haunted house. Of course, this used to mean suspense, ghosts, maybe a murderer on the loose. But now, for some reason, it means staring at unlimited amounts of blood and gore for 90 minutes. These things don't scare, so much as they shock.So what has become of us? Why do we crave such exhibitions, and what will happen if we indulge ourselves? We … [Read more...]

Podcast #12: The Dumb Guy Archetype of the 21st Century

Click here to listen!In this show David and Rich discuss the current cultural emphasis on the idiocy of men. Also, they list their Top Five Stupid Films. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Podcast #11: Does the Emporer of the "The Kingdom" Have No Clothes?

Click here to listen!Remember back in the day, when Rich and David used to disagree on things? Man, those were the days. Fortunately, those days are back, and now Rich and David are convinced that the other is completely wrong! It makes for spirited conversation, and an interesting show!This time around, David and I saw a movie called the Kingdom. How was it? It was fun and meaningful! Or it was boring and overly pretentious! Or it depends on who you ask! … [Read more...]

Podcast #10: Listener Feedback

Click here to listen!We got a lot of good feedback, so we figured we should probably devote a show to it. Enjoy!Also, a special thanks to the following, who were kind enough to link to our podcast:Nowheresville Scott The Thoughts of Bezalel … [Read more...]

Podcast #9: Football – America's Gladitorial Spectal?

Click here to listen!When David told me he would be out of town last weekend, we both agreed that it was the perfect time to talk about sports. Though we are both college football fans (Me: Auburn/Florida/Louisville; David: Ohio State/Ohio State/Ohio State), we aren't really all that knowledgeable about the subject. And yet, no other aspect of pop-culture evokes the sort of passion and devotion as sports, and more specifically American football.We decided our first-ever guest host needed to … [Read more...]

Podcast #8: 3:10 to Yuma – A Flawed Hero

Click here to listen!We recorded our show on action heroes not realizing that we were about to come face to face with one of the greatest action movies we've seen in a long time. After David and I saw 3:10 to Yuma, we were pretty stunned. It was one of the most well-made, unique and unlikely movies we'd seen in a long time, and after chewing on it for a while, we decided we just had to talk about it.What makes a good Western? What makes a good villain? What's the true nature of bravery? … [Read more...]

Podcast #7: One Incredibly Long and Boring Night

This past Sunday, the world watched as Hollywood commended itself for producing such brilliant television, and at the same time acknowledged that it really doesn't put out brilliant television. So what's the deal? How good is television, really? And what do the winners of the Emmys say about, well, anything?This episode, David and Rich attempt to answer this question, and they also try their hardest to come up with five new Fall television shows they kind of want to watch. It's harder than you … [Read more...]

Podcast #6: Playing Mario to the Glory of God

On a dark, cold night in December, Rich and his wife camped outside of Best Buy on a whim. After braving the cold for eight hours (and you better believe his wife got the sleeping back), they left the store with a Wii... and it was totally worth it.Or was it? If the iPhone is overrated, is the Wii the truly revolutionary invention of the decade? Can a video game truly embrace community, or are the two concepts mutually exclusive?Well, David's skeptical. And so are you. But in this episode of … [Read more...]