Coolest Vehicle of the Year

This may be the coolest vehicle you'll see all year: a motorcycle with a two-seat and fully-enclosed sidecar. No, I don't think you can buy one.Oh, and some company made a car that runs on compressed air. I don't think that's a big deal, though. Definitely focus on the motorcycle. … [Read more...]

Top 5 Recession Foods

My Top 5 Recession Foods1) Oatmeal - Not only is it my son's favorite food, bu for about $2 a week I can feed breakfast to my whole family, and have a snack at work. Throw in $1.50 for some raisins if you have a fancy palette.2) Pancakes - The just-add-water variety is the cheapest (and still edible) but Bisquick won't break the bank. Mixed with some cheap syrup and you have enough carbs to get you through a week.3) Spaghetti - Cheap, healthy, and versatile. Hunts makes 30 different sauces … [Read more...]

Should We Feel Great About Proposition 8?

California's Proposition 8, a ballot initiative making same-sex marriages illegal, just nicked by in November. I'm pretty sure that outcome, and everything that flows from it - starting with this week's filing in federal court - is going to lead a lot of Christians to regret what they engaged in during the campaign.Last fall I was of the mind that Christians in California needed to be politically engaged, but abstain from the Proposition 8 vote. I read (and heard) plenty of arguments on either … [Read more...]

Star Trek Gets Real

Before I say anything else I must make this clear: Star Trek, much like Transformers, is not about the plot. The plot is good, but that's not the point. This movie is about the characters, and the plot seems to be nothing more than a means to develop them (which is convenient, because it gives me the chance to review the film without spoiling anything [Ed: Nonetheless, those of you who want to go into Star Trek with a completely clean slate should probably refrain from continuing this article … [Read more...]

It's In Your Head

I StumbledUpon this entry by the incredibly contentious (and irritating) biologist, professor, and atheist PZ Myers, talking about the changes our brains go through in response to our use of technology. So yes, using computers all the time and chatting in the comments sections of weird web sites will modify the circuitry of the brain and have consequences that will affect the way you think. Maybe I should put a disclaimer on the text boxes on this site. However, there are events that will … [Read more...]

If you're a PC…

If you find Windows XP slow and boring, and Vista interesting, but maddening, Microsoft offers a nonverbal apology.Windows 7 is set for release this fall, in time for Christmas. Not only that, but you can download a free evaluation copy of the release client (the version MS hopes to release in it's current form; it's more than a beta, less than the real thing) from Microsoft through July 1. It will run until March, when it will shut down automatically every two hours, then end completely June … [Read more...]

How Gadgets Lose Their Magic

How Gadgets Lose Their Magic But now my daydreams are different. As technological magic becomes routine, I wonder whether a visit to a preindustrial society might teach me more than it teaches them. The only thing more fascinating than our technology is the idea of getting along without it. Maybe the way to recapture the magic is to turn all that stuff off. I've been repeatedly amazed by how enamored much of the tech community has been with the idea of getting away from the gadgets that they … [Read more...]

We Forgot.

"The Great Swine Flu Epidemic of 1976." If this were a story arc on The West Wing I would be incredulous. … [Read more...]

Oh. Noes.

WoW on iPhone. Someone help us. Please. … [Read more...]

Sci-Fi Conflict

The Bible teaches us to have childlike faith, ┬ábut also to move beyond the elementary teachings of the Gospel. It's a tough line to walk, and it seems like we're not the only ones dealing with the difficulty.This may not fall under the heading "popular" culture (and it probably reveals a bit too much about my true level of geekdom), but this editorial from io9 discusses the conflict in the sci-fi community between a childlike "sense of wonder" and a mature examination of humanity. … [Read more...]