Obama's Meaning of Christmas

President Obama talks to kids about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas but does he say enough? … [Read more...]

Why I Will Always Root for the Home Team

I grew up at the tail end of an empire. That empire was known as the Crimson Tide. As far as I knew, every living soul loved Alabama Football with the exception of terrorists and baby killers. Their number one fan just happened to be my old man. Once he traded our bunk beds for a blanket which had been custom made for a former Tide player. We had the commemorative Bear Bryant Coca-Cola bottles, as did all of my extended family. I had a helmet lamp with a battered shade and framed pictures … [Read more...]

O Me of Little Faith

Jason Boyett on his upcoming book O Me of Little Faith:"I've honestly had readers tell me that they'd love to read my book, but worry about what their friends or family might think when they see them reading a book about doubt. It sounds flippant, but maybe they should hide my book behind a Playboy. It's more acceptable to be a Christian with a porn problem than a Christian with a doubt problem.""The apostle Paul wrote about the value of boasting about his weaknesses in order to magnify … [Read more...]

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: Blue Like Jazz, All Grown Up

I had never heard of Donald Miller that day in 2003 when at a Christian book fair I found Blue Like Jazz for 4 dollars.  A quick survey of the book and I knew I held a true find.  With book open in hand I navigated around the room hardly looking up at all.  Thirty pages in, having confirmed its greatness I returned and retrieved the other few copies knowing I'd give them away.I liked the book because Miller was authentic in a way that I had not yet found in a Christian writer, that it seemed Ch … [Read more...]

One More Reason to Facebook

Via CNN: 19 year-old New Yorker set free after Facebook gives alibi. http://bit.ly/2b7CkoThoughts? … [Read more...]

When Doubt Wins Out: David Bazan Curses His Branches

When I first heard whispers that David Bazan was through with Christianity, I was not shocked at all.  My reaction was, "that makes sense."  Shortly before, an old friend owned up to renouncing his faith in God, Christ, and objective truth.  Another friend had made a similar move a year earlier.  This second occurrence got my attention.  The number of my faithful friends was shrinking.  I wanted to know why.Curse Your Branches, Bazan's first full-length post-loss-of-faith album, finds the now a … [Read more...]

Hey Look, An Adulterer…Let's Throw Rocks!

People I knew growing up tend to remember two things about me.  The first is that I used to go around singing the Monkees’ theme.  I had come into the craze about twenty years post upon seeing their zany, short-lived series on Nick at Nite.  I did not know yet that they weren’t exactly a real band.  I was disillusioned when in 6th grade I learned the truth.  The second thing remembered is that I wanted to be David Letterman.  I got my first camcorder in 9th grade and proceeded to film my own top … [Read more...]

Christ and Un-Popular Culture?

Who do we love to hate and what can we learn from them?One moment: a frumpy, uni-browed, Scotswoman stands at a mic to sing for an audibly disapproving and skeptical audience.  It's not even clear as to why she would leave her cave, much less be so audacious as to waste ninety, precious seconds of their time.  But then, as if heaven itself had opened, a voice erupts from deep within her.  After catching its breath, the audience roars with applause.  Ah yes, now they can celebrate her.The Sus … [Read more...]