Is Rapture Worth Visiting Again? Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2 comes out tomorrow, the first game was one of the most haunting, intriguing, and memorable games I have ever played.  Lauded for its art deco style but remembered for its presentation and haunting humanistic speeches from Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine, Bioshock remains a game whose story and message will always loom large in my mind.Is Rapture worth visiting again?  Much of the allure of the original lies in its unique underwater world which celebrates human acheivment and c … [Read more...]

Fight Clubs . . . at Church?

According to the New York Times, apparently there is a small but growing trend in churches promoting mixed martial arts--ranging from hosting MMA pay-per view parties to churches doubling as fight training centers.  One pastor is also the team coach for a faith-based MMA fight team!Is this a good idea?  Owen Strachan says no and mostly summarizes what I think about this development. … [Read more...]

David Brooks on the American Sporting Mind

David Brooks, writing New York Times, looks at the history of athletics and how the American "sporting mind" developed from the earliest mindsets on sports from ancient generations leading up to the current state of American college athletics.  He speaks candidly about both the dangers and benefits of the American sporting mind: The crowds at big-time college sporting events do not sit passively, the way they do at a movie theater. They roar, suffer and invent chants (especially at Duke … [Read more...]

On the Seventh Day, the TV Rested.

"Pop Culture is everywhere. You can attempt to avoid it, but even if you succeeded, those around you are immersed in it."At least that is what the first line of our "about" page reads--in many ways CaPC is a testimony to the Christian responsibility to live in the world but not be of it.  We don't pretend to be unaware of pop culture because it is the world we live in, a world full people whose most desperate need is to come into relationship with the God who made them.  Ignoring pop culture w … [Read more...]