Life Outside the Faith Ghetto

A Craig Detweiler article from an old issue of Relevant Magazine … [Read more...]

John Frame on Christ and Culture

Here's John Frame's views on Christ & Culture … [Read more...]

Rear Window and Governmental Ethics

The threat of terrorism in our back yard has made this a new world that we live in. It has made our government wrestle with new questions and find new answers, and all at break neck speed. I have never been happier to not be involved in politics myself, let alone to be the president. These days there is political tension over everything, least of which is the subject of “rendition.” Rendition is the “handing over” of a person or property to another jurisdiction. In hot debate currently is the sub … [Read more...]

Short Bibliographies for Christians and Culture

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Rock N' Roll Grace

It is arguably the most famous hymn in the Christian tradition and more non-Christians know it than any other: Amazing Grace. The author of this august hymn is John Newton (1725-1807), an 18th century English Puritan. The hymn has been used, however, in various songs throughout history since its publications, for example: The American rock band The Eagles used it as the chorus to "Peaceful Easy Feeling". The most recent use of the song is in a particular track from a Christian alternative band: … [Read more...]