The Power of the iPad

I am one of the now two million brand new iPad owners. I, like most of you, saw the advertisements for the iPad and thought to myself, "What would I do with one of those?" So, naturally, I discounted the iPad as another high tech gadget that does the same things as just about any smart phone these days, only on a bigger screen. But that was before I got my hands on one. My father-in-law received one as a gift on his birthday and let me play with it. Within moments I was hooked and, suddenly, I … [Read more...]

Faith is the Victory

Is God a sports fan? … [Read more...]

Who's Directing?

Guillermo del Toro drops out of directing "The Hobbit" … [Read more...]

Nike and God Battle It Out For the Future

"Write the future," says the new tagline for an amazing Nike commercial which aired for the first time during the Champion's League Final. The commercial is three minutes long and is fast-paced, gripping, funny, and (for soccer fans) beautiful. The ad shows a host of soccer superstars either making it big from their play on the field or destroying their lives and their countries because of their poor play. From a purely artistic perspective the ad is worth watching.The ad is funny at points. … [Read more...]

Finding Death In Lost

Lost teaches Christians how to deal with death … [Read more...]

LOST, Community, and Redemption

It's time for everyone to posit their theories. What exactly was the LOST series finale trying to accomplish, other than wraping up the series, and giving us lots of "feel-good" moments? If I am honest, I am not totally sure anyone can know in full. There are lots of theories, some good and some ridiculous. I am not necessarily going to propose another theory, as I am sure mineĀ is far more deficient than others. Yet I would like to look at how two themes in the series - those of community and … [Read more...]

Best Cities

Top Cities in the coming decade … [Read more...]

The LOST Questions

Here's some possible answers to those lingering LOST Questions. … [Read more...]

Facebook Repents

Facebook Repents … [Read more...]

Cell Phones and Tumor Rumors

Finally, everyone can start using their cell phones again! … [Read more...]