ELSEWHERE: The Digital Age’s Growing Inequalities

An increasing number of common, everyday tasks -- e.g., paying bills, completing homework, applying for jobs -- assume that people have Internet access. Which, in this age, is not unreasonable. But what happens if you're one of the 100 million Americans who have no way of accessing the Internet at home? … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Is It Art? Or Invasion Of Privacy?

Arne Svenson's recent photo exhibit raises, yet again, the age-old question of "What is art?" Svenson took photos of people living in the luxury condo across the street from his place without their knowledge or awareness -- or, as he put it, "[they] don’t know they are being photographed; I carefully shoot from the shadows of my home into theirs." While the photos don't reveal identities, his neighbors nevertheless feel like some sort line has been crossed. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The Paterno Family Is Going To Sue The NCAA

In 2011, the college football world was rocked by revelations that former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky had been molesting young boys for years, and that Penn State officials had essentially covered it up. The NCAA handed down stiff sanctions to Penn State, and now, Joe Paterno's family is suing the NCAA, claiming the organization's sanctions are unlawful and based on flawed information. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Surprise, You Just Got Dumped By Google!

An increasing amount of our critical computing needs are handled by "the cloud" via services like Gmail. But what happens when you're locked out of your Google account? Tienlon Ho found out the hard way earlier this year, and was surprised to learn how little accountability Google has to its users. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Peter Molyneux Turns One Lucky Gamer Into A “Digital God”

Last November, famed game designer Peter Molyneux launched Curiosity, a game in which millions of players tapped away at a giant cube in hopes of learning the secret at its center. (It made our editor-in-chief kinda mad) One lucky gamer recently removed the last bit of the cube. His reward? He will become an all-powerful god ruling over all of the other players in Molyneux's next game, Godus, and will work with Molyneux to set Godus' morals and rules. … [Read more...]

The ‘Star Wars Kid’ and the Dark Side of the Internet

Several years ago, it was impossible to venture onto the Web without coming across footage of an ungainly lad doing his awkward best to reenact a Star Wars lightsaber battle. The "Star Wars Kid" -- as this clip became known -- was one of the Web's first truly viral videos and an incredibly popular meme. The video amassed tens of millions of views and inspired countless parodies and homages, including a particularly famous one by Stephen Colbert for his 2006 "Green Screen … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Surprise, Your Brother Is Actually Your Uncle!

That's the sort of discovery one could make when one starts getting their DNA scanned, as one woman recently discovered. DNA scans can reveal useful medical information, such as one's likelihood to develop Alzheimer's. But they can also turn up unforeseen information about parentage, which adds to the increasing fluidity of today's families, for better or worse. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: What Are The Clergy’s Views On Faith And Science?

In 2012, the Barna Group interviewed over 700 pastors from a wide range of churches and denominations regarding their views on creation and evolution, faith and science. The results have recently been posted, and in some ways, they're not surprising (e.g., the majority of clergy subscribed to some version of young earth creationism). There was also considerable agreement on the importance of faith/science questions, and whether pastors should address scientific issues in their ministry. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Ayn Rand Really, Really, Really Disliked C.S. Lewis

First Things recently posted a few excerpts from Ayn Rand's marginal notes on C.S. Lewis' Abolition of Man, and let's just say that she didn't hold back her disagreement... not one bit. For example, "abysmal scum" is one of the gentler descriptions of Lewis that she employs. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: A Respectful Conversation About Gays In The Church? Did That Really Happen?

What happens when a gay Christian activist meets five conservative Evangelical Christian pastors to discuss the question, "Can LGBT Christians be reconciled with the Church?" Disagreement and irreconcilable differences? Sure. But also lots of honest, respectful, and even loving discussion. Via The Slacktivist. … [Read more...]