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Merlin Fights the Good Fight

I am part of that small group of people obsessed with what we call “Arthurian Legend.” It may seem odd that there is a subculture following King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table the way trendier people follow vampires, but books and movies set in Camelot have become a cottage industry over the last 40 years. The BBC series Merlin is the most recent incarnation of this epic story.In this particular version, Merlin, Arthur, and the other main characters are teenagers. Arthur’s f … [Read more...]

Murder Most Bleak

I love British murder mysteries. As long as someone dies a gruesome death and the suspects use words like “posh” and “peckish,” I’m hooked. Ever since the day Netflix added to their library of macabre mysteries, I’ve been slipping away during the rinse cycle to watch 10-year-old episodes of a British detective series called Midsomer Murders.Midsomer Murders is one of those shows that has been around forever, and while it’s never been a huge hit, it has maintained a loyal following (which I gues … [Read more...]