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Seth T. Hahne is an illustrator, web designer, and son of hippies. He illustrates CAPC's featured articles out of all the special feelings in his heart. His favourite authors are Murakami, Bolaño, and Ishiguro. His favourite film is Snow Falling on Cedars. And his favourite music is cool jazz. Seth reviews comics, graphic novels, and manga at his own website, Good Ok Bad: Home of the 3-Star Review, where he would love to recommend something worth your while. He rides a scooter to work.

10. Pope Francis: “He Does Normal Christian Stuff” #CaPC25

All this week, the writers of Christ and Pop Culture unveil their 25 most loved things of 2013. Previous #11: Netflix and Hulu #10: Pope Francis My favorite thing about Pope Francis is that he does normal Christian stuff and people are all, "Holy Smokes This Guy Ammirite?" He helps the homeless, touches the sick and disfigured with his real live actual hands, and he's put himself out there as being against the "cult of money." Look, these are admirable things. Things that believers ought to … [Read more...]

25. From Up on Poppy Hill: “Argued More From the Heart” #CaPC25

All this week, the writers of Christ and Pop Culture unveil their 25 most loved things of  2013. #25: From Up on Poppy Hill Nearly any of Ghibli's films would be considered Great, but everyone has their favorites in the studio's stable. Some prefer the movies aimed most squarely at kids, the ones featuring forest trolls, pre-teen witches, and little mermaids. Others go in for the more mature and morally complex quarter—the discussions of environmental cataclysm and the horrors of war. My per … [Read more...]

Here’s a Gift Idea: Great Graphic Novels for Kids

At this point in our cultural history, it's pretty much well-acknowledged that graphic novels are cool, legitimate vehicles for storytelling. Comics aren't just Superman and Batman beating up on villains and/or each other every month. There are sports comics and mystery comics and autobiographical comics and love stories and war stories and stories that will make your heart hurt so badly that you may feel truly alive for the first time in forever. The medium has grown and matured—and for the l … [Read more...]

Celebrating C.S. Lewis: “The Shoddy Lands”

Editor’s Note: November 22, 2013, will mark the fiftieth anniversary of C. S. Lewis’s death. On that day, he will be given a place in Westminster Abbey’s renowned Poet’s Corner. In commemoration of this event, all this week Christ and Pop Culture contributors will be writing about the works by C. S. Lewis that have been most personally significant to them.Given how much conflict there is over the interpretation of “The Shoddy Lands” and what that means about Lewis’s character (being often rea … [Read more...]

Want to Love Your Neighbor? Read Fiction.

The following is an excerpt from an article featured in CaPCMag. This is just a taste of the great content you can get delivered to your iOS device biweekly by subscribing!I’ve argued for a while now that one of the most prominent powers of literature is its ability to promote empathy—and this without the reader ever noticing what’s going on. Among the greatest troubles when discussing faith and culture is that we all come from such different structures. I and you and everyone you know are … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Star Trek and Racebending

Pop America has long had trouble with figuring out the whole Race Thing, from stereotyping POCs (people of colour) to casting white actors to play POC parts to preferring white actors for the best roles. Racebending incisively approaches pop-culture's difficulty with race in a way that helpfully expands the conversation. … [Read more...]

Good OK-Drama: Love Rain

Good OK-Drama is a very occasional series looking at various examples of Korean drama (the almost-popular, not-quite-underground wave of television excitement oozing out of your favourite digital video outlets).Watching two couples awkwardly sacrifice for each other over and over again can be beautiful and ennobling. It can also be aggravating. This is part of the dilemma of the selflessness to which we're all called. And it's part of the delicious, excruciating charm of a recent, … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Graphic Novels of 2012

Christ and Pop Culture's resident Illustrator, Seth Hahne, shares six must-read graphic novels from the past year.  Since I can't know either you or how your tastes run, I'm simply going to presume that you are like myself. I'm going to presume that you—like me—find graphic novels to be a worthwhile expression of personal and cultural storytelling. I'm going to presume that you find the artifacts of pop culture, and in this case graphic novels, worthwhile for any number of reasons—reasons probab … [Read more...]

Good OK-Drama: Coffee Prince

Good OK-Drama is a very occasional series looking at various examples of Korean drama (the almost-popular, not-quite-underground wave of television excitement oozing out of your favourite digital video outlets).In even the small sample of kdramas my wife and I have recently enjoyed (we've so far watched seven series to completion), we notice the reccurance of a handful of tropes. Sometimes it's plot devices that have evidently proven popular with the shows' intended audiences. Sometimes … [Read more...]

Good OK-Drama: Queen In Hyun’s Man

Grief is a hard thing. Hard to experience. Hard to convey. Hard to empathize with if you're not already emotionally invested. Hard to talk about in ways that aren't banal and obvious. Which is why I'm thankful for Korean dramas.My wife and I have been on a bit of a kdrama kick lately. Honestly, it's the only television I'll take the time watch these days. I'd been surprised by how involving and multifarious these shows could be. It's as if these writers and programmers distilled the concept … [Read more...]