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Sports and Slurs

Sports have often been used as a kind of educational tool. This is one reason people share a fanatical bond with their favorite sport. For many, a game, season, or team remains forever branded in their memory because of the lessons learned and experiences derived from it. Sports can instruct in discipline, work ethic, teamwork, and submission to authority.Recently the NBA decided to use an ad to take on a controversial subject matter: the bullying of homosexuals. In the ad the NBA focused … [Read more...]

All Things Physical: Women's Soccer, Patriotism and Longing for More

A few days ago a heavy infusion of patriotism swept across the tweets and status updates of friends and people I follow. Apparently the USA did something extraordinary and I missed out on it. The Women’s World Cup was the event and the USA women’s soccer team served as our country’s representative. In short, the USA women came back from a 2-1 deficit to Brazil in dramatic fashion and then subsequently won the game in penalty kicks. The win advanced the USA into the next round of the Women’s World … [Read more...]

All Things Physical: Too grown up for silly sports?

In All Things Physical, Stewart Johnson explores the world of sports, exercise, and active leisure.Friendly competition can make the mundane tasks of life  less mundane. We learn this growing up as we attempt to be the first done with class work, finish with our chores the fastest, or even take your dad's shoe off faster than your brother (I'm still trying to process how our father brainwashed my brother and me to do that one). Competition is found in the work place, job market, political r … [Read more...]

Can Your Exercise Dishonor God?

In All Things Physical, Stewart Johnson explores the world of sports, exercise, and active leisure.There are times in life when you have to take a step back and realize things are not as they once were. Technology is continuously advancing, clothing styles are always changing and inevitably it gets more and more difficult to maintain youthful physical health. Well, at least that has been my experience over the past four years.I spent a large portion of my young adult life in rigorous … [Read more...]

All Things Physical: Is Mark Richt Cashing Out or Doing Good?

In All Things Physical, Stewart Johnson explores the world of sports, exercise, and active leisure.Generally speaking, in the sports world one makes the news for a spectacular highlight or an abominable low light. An athlete either makes the “top ten” plays of the week, or the “not top ten.” There are other ways to make the news in the sports world, including Twitter antics, calling out opponents, drinking and driving, playing terribly while in a star studded relationship, and being named Lebr … [Read more...]

College Football and the Seedy Undercurrent Within

Have you ever been swimming in a lake or river and had the time of your life, only to have that joy snatched from you when you see, only a short distance from where you were swimming, something that was more akin to the lodging of Swamp Thing or the origin of Cabin Fever than a family retreat area? That’s what I am beginning to feel for the sport I love above all others.I am a passionate fan of college football. I grew up rarely ever missing College Gameday on Saturday mornings, planned my w … [Read more...]

The Lakers Go Down Swinging

“What will you do when the chips are down?” That is the age-old question that always seems to be asked at the wrong time. No one asks the question before the proverbial chip falls to the ground. Honestly, I can’t fathom walking into life situations with the normal expectation that it will take a turn for the worse. In fact contemporary psychology would say that such thinking would go further to create one’s outcome as a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy than it would merely prepare for the worst. … [Read more...]