Cherch Sine Epuc Failz: Badd Spellurs Edishun

Ahh, clever wordplay...wonder how many folks get it while driving by at 50 MPH.

The next edition of bad church signs has a theme of its own: bad spelling. A couple of these aren’t even church signs; they’re just too good not to include. Enjoy. [Read more...]

Dead Presidents, Negroes With Guns and the NRA


I’m not a gun guy. I got turned off by guns the one time my dad took be to a gun range and let me try out his Ruger. It was deceptively light, made of some kind of polymer. It felt more like a toy than a weapon with any real power. Then I pulled [Read More...]

What To Do About “Radical Feminist Nuns”


It’s not exactly headline-worthy news that many Catholics actually hold personal beliefs that don’t line up with church doctrine. It does get a little more interesting, however, when an umbrella group for 57,000 American nuns is called to the carpet for straying from Church teaching. Reportedly, the nuns are promoting ideas on issues like abortion [Read More...]

“Open Homosexuality,” Prostitution and Tony Perkins’ Moral Slippery Slope

Janet Mefferd

Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, appeared on Janet Mefferd‘s Christian radio show recently and offered what shocked many, though it probably shouldn’t have. The surprise came when Perkins drew a correlation between the repeal of the Military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law and the recent Secret Service scandal involving agents hiring prostitutes [Read More...]

Death by Faith Healing: a Church/State Separation Dilemma

Sixteen-year-old Austin Sprout died of a commonly preventable illness when his parents declined medical treatment on faith grounds.

The sovereignty of religion in the United States is a thorny issue when it comes to state powers. But most Americans can agree that there are lines that even the Church cannot cross. The problem is that sometimes that realization comes too late. Sixteen-year-old Austin Sprout is the most recent victim of such religious transgressions. [Read More...]

Social Media and Our Epidemic of Loneliness

Photo taken from the loneliness aritlce on the Atlantic website

I don’t usually pull such large quotes from other sources on my blog, but the recent cover article in The Atlantic called “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” (Stephen Marche) is worth sharing. It’s about a growing trend of social isolation and loneliness in our culture, despite innumerable social media connections we use to counteract that [Read More...]

From “Mad Men” to “Girls” – The Evolution of Sexism

Cast members from HBO's new show, "Girls"

HBO debuted a new comedy last night called “Girls.” Twenty-five-year-old Lena Dunham writes, directs and stars a new Young Adult generation’s “Reality Bites.” Creator and star of the underground hit film, “Tiny Furniture,” Dunham is fast establishing herself as a cultural prophet. As she states, perhaps a little ironically, in the first episode last night: [Read More...]

Top Five Stories from the Past Month

With almost thirty-seven thousand views this past month, I’m humbled and encouraged by the ever-growing readership finding their way here. THANK YOU for helping make this blog such a pleasure to put together and share every day. So without any further delay, here’s what people have been reading the most. #5 Critiques of the “Blue [Read More...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Eight

I guess the living hope they offer is hope that you won't burn for eternity.

Hard to top the Easter Edition, but here’s another batch to keep you smiling on Tax Day. Church Sign Epic Fails: Easter Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Six Church sign epic fails, part five Church sign epic fails, part four Church sign epic fails, part three More church sign epic fails Church sign epic [Read More...]

The Vasectomy: A Conversation with My “Boys”

Got some good news last night; the first printing of PregMANcy is finally in the warehouse. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered for your patience. And for those who have yet to put in their order, what the hell are you waiting for??? In honor of the arrival of our newest bundle of joy, here’s one [Read More...]