Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Ten

Wait, am I one of the weeds they're talking about? Or is this some kind of veilve "4:20" reference?

It seems like only a few weeks ago that we started this journey in search of ridiculous church signs. Actually it was only a few weeks ago, but here we are, back for two full hands worth of epic fail posts. Here are some of the older posts in case you’ve missed them: Cherch Sine [Read More...]

Further Thoughts on Mars Hill and the “Angry Queers”

There’s been some interesting discussion following my recent post about the vandalism of a Mars Hill satellite church by a group calling themselves the Angry Queers. Most of it has been on the Sojourners site, where the article was reposted. It’s a complicated enough issue that I thought I might continue my thoughts, particularly in [Read More...]

Drive-Thru Prayers to Drive-In Church: Is Religion Lost?

Worship service at a drive-in church in Florida

Author and theologian Diana Butler Bass shared a video recently about where she saw for the future of the church. She shared an interesting story about a priest who went out onto a busy street corner on Ask Wednesday in full vestments to offer ashes and a quick prayer to passersby. Several people stopped with [Read More...]

“Angry Queers” Take on Driscoll, Mars Hill the Wrong Way

Windows at Mars Hill satellite broken by a group calling itself "Angry Queers"

I had a stew of emotions when I read about an activist group in Portland calling itself the “Angry Queers” vandalizing a satellite church of Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill network. Neighbors in the area reported seeing a handful of young people in black masks smashing stained glass windows and damaging other property on the church [Read More...]

Taking “Jesus Christ” Out of the Bible

voice cover

A new translation of the Bible called “The Voice” (no, Cee-Lo makes no appearances in this one), published by Thomas Nelson, has created quite a buzz. The discussion is not so much around what is in the newest version, but rather what’s left out. According to a recent article on the Huffington Post, the words [Read More...]

The Piatts on the Road

piatts on the beach

Next Wednesday, May 2nd, Amy, the kids and I will leave behind us the city, the church and the home we’ve enjoyed for the last eight years. It’s felt like getting ready for another birth, making all of the plans for our move to Portland and everything that comes along with it. And in a [Read More...]

25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading


This list is from 2012. To read the new, updated list of Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading from August, 2013, CLICK HERE. I’m reposting this blog entry from my friend and Colleague, Matthew Paul Turner, for two reasons. First, if you don’t know MPT, you should. He’s written about eleventy-seven books, from the practical [Read More...]

Cherch Sine Epuc Failz: Badd Spellurs Edishun

Ahh, clever wordplay...wonder how many folks get it while driving by at 50 MPH.

The next edition of bad church signs has a theme of its own: bad spelling. A couple of these aren’t even church signs; they’re just too good not to include. Enjoy. [Read more...]

Dead Presidents, Negroes With Guns and the NRA


I’m not a gun guy. I got turned off by guns the one time my dad took be to a gun range and let me try out his Ruger. It was deceptively light, made of some kind of polymer. It felt more like a toy than a weapon with any real power. Then I pulled [Read More...]

What To Do About “Radical Feminist Nuns”


It’s not exactly headline-worthy news that many Catholics actually hold personal beliefs that don’t line up with church doctrine. It does get a little more interesting, however, when an umbrella group for 57,000 American nuns is called to the carpet for straying from Church teaching. Reportedly, the nuns are promoting ideas on issues like abortion [Read More...]