Look, Shiny! (First Week of Advent Study)

Throughout Advent I will be posting sections from my weekly devotions in SURVIVING THE BIBLE: A Devotional for the Church Year 2018. Find the rest of this week’s devotional and for each week throughout the 2018 Church Year in the book (now available everywhere).  First Reading: Isaiah 64:1–9 The prophet, on behalf of the exiled people of Jerusalem, is nostalgic for the time when God has intervened on behalf of the Jews. He also is lamenting the apparent absence of God from the exiles, which,… Read more

Eating the Biblical Elephant

The following is excerpted from SURVIVING THE BIBLE by Christian Piatt. With the beginning of Advent comes also the start of a new Church year. As we wait for Hope, Peace, Joy and Love to be re-born, it’s also a time to revisit our Biblical roots and sit in a space of waiting, contemplation and practice.  The Bible clearly says…. We’ve all heard this phrase, usually in the middle of some ideological combat about “values.” And yet, it seems like… Read more

10 Cliches Christians Should Never Use

We Christians have a remarkable talent for sticking our feet in our mouths. So in no particular order, here are ten phrases Christians should lose with a quickness. Read more

This Episode is (Kinda) a Matter of Life and Death

This week on the Homebrewed CultureCast: Our nation is founded on the principle of placing central in our value system, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” But sometimes one negatively affects the other. Also, being “pro life” can mean so much more than most people assume. We discuss Diana Butler Bass’ recent claim that maybe church has reached a necessary end of its life cycle and what she says we should do. Then in the interview, activist, author and… Read more

Why We Don’t Trust Congress

Welcome to the world of the eternal campaign. Even by the time the Trump White House wrapped up its first 100 days, democrats scoured their ranks for viable congressional candidates. Republicans, worried about losing their majority, girded themselves for campaign battles across the map in 2018. But regardless of who claims a congressional majority during the midterms, they will face a public wary of their motivations and competency. It’s hard to imagine fighting so hard for a job where only about… Read more

White Men: Most Dangerous People in America?

Salon Magazine asked a poignant question recently after a spate of domestic mass shootings: why is it always the white guy? While middle class males, in particular, are supposed to have more power and privilege than anyone else on the whole in America, so why are so many of us so filled with rage and violence? We explore the phenomenon of the “white male shooter” after the recent Las Vegas massacre, along with other related questions like: is Donald Trump… Read more

Prophets, Priests, Heretics, Nones and Becoming Truly Human

About one in four Americans identify as a “None,” which means, when asked about their religious affiliation, they claim “none of the above.” And yet so many of them claim some form of spirituality, or at least a hunger for exploring the possibility of God. In his new move, “Becoming Truly Human,” Nathan Andrew Jacobs follows several young adult Nones through their own journeys in, and out of, organized religion. One of them even ends up back in church, but… Read more

A Theology of Disaster, Osteen’s Sin of Sodom and Welcoming Disruption

Hurricane Harvey was a “1,000-year storm” that will have an impact on the Houston area for years or even decades. But what does such disaster tell us about God? More important, perhaps, is what it tell us about ourselves and how we understand God. Megachurch Pastor and Prosperity Gospel Preacher Joel Osteen commits a “Sin of Sodom” which he has neither confessed nor asked for forgiveness. What is Church’s role when the waters rise around us? Sometimes we submit to… Read more

Wild Goose LIVE: CultureCast and Homebrewed Christianity Double Episode

In a special double episode that combines both a CultureCast and a Homebrewed Christianity episode, we celebrate Tripp Fuller’s 1,000th episode LIVE from the main stage at Wild Goose. On the CultureCast, Christian is joined by Tripp, Kristen Howerton and pastor-cum-rapper JKwest, while Tripp welcomes Christian, Micky ScottBey Jones and Robyn Henderson Espinoza. Tripp “Takes the C–k out of the crown,” the white guys get silenced and what would a live shoe be without some Postmodern 8-ball? Kristen and I… Read more

Pastoral Burnout, Healing Spiritual Wounds and How To Hack and Election

Anyone who knows a few pastors probably knows someone who has struggled with burnout. Ministry always has been an atypical job with lots of unique demands and stressors, but as reported in a Barna Research Group study discussed in a new article called “Why Pastors Leave the Ministry,” it’s a growing trend. Then author and pastor Carol Howard Merritt talks us through how to heal our spiritual wounds as laid out in her latest book called (not surprisingly) “Healing Spiritual Wounds.”… Read more

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