Does This Describe Your Relationship with Your Guardian Angel?


Credit: “Soup to Nutz” comic strip [Read more...]

Blessed Are The Ones

The countdown to the release of Audrey Assad’s new album, “Heart,” continues with the video of a live performance of the song “Blessed Are The Ones.” You deserve to end your week on a high note and start your weekend in a good (and spiritually thoughtful) mood. This song will do that for you. [Read more...]

Groundhog Day and the March for Life


Today is Groundhog Day which calls to mind the great Bill Murray comedy in which his character has to live the same Groundhog Day over and over until he learns a lesson about making choices in his life that will help him become a better human being. I thought of that movie last week as [Read More...]

The Choice To Save Mothers and Babies


Christopher Closeup Podcast – Guest: Kathy DiFiore In 1981, Kathy DiFiore reached a defining moment in her life.  The NYU graduate with an MBA and a successful career as a Wall Street executive was feeling spiritually unfulfilled.  Raised in a Catholic family, Kathy was especially influenced by her grandmother who always taught her to keep [Read More...]