A Journey Through the Bible: Part 2

Yesterday, I featured some excerpts of my “Christopher Closeup” interview with Scripture scholar Dr. Tim Gray who co-authored a book with Jeff Cavins called “Walking with God: A Journey Through the Bible.” It uses the latest Biblical scholarship to analyze both the Old and New Testaments. Dr. Gray addressed some commonly asked questions, some of [Read More...]

A Journey Through the Bible: Part 1


A lot of people have questions about different parts of the Bible. For instance, Isn’t Genesis just another creation myth? Why does God seem angry and vengeful in the Old Testament, but loving and merciful in the New Testament? Does Eve being created from Adam’s rib mean the Bible is saying that women are inferior [Read More...]

Style, Sex and Substance: Part 2


Christopher Closeup Podcast – Guest: Hallie Lord, Part 2 Last week’s “Christopher Closeup” podcast featured Part 1 of my interview with Ryan-Gosling-loving, fashion maveny wife and mother of five Hallie Lord discussing her book “Style, Sex and Substance: 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things That Really Matter.” (You can read about it here). The book [Read More...]

Celebrating Earth Day Like Dagwood Bumstead


Via “Blondie.” [Read more...]