Truly Lawless Storytelling

According to Aristotle, the first law of storytelling is that plot reigns over all other elements.   Plot needs to be better conceived and executed than production design, more profound psychologically than any actor’s performance, and more shocking than any gory spray of blood across the screen. The second law of storytelling is that characters are [Read More…]

So you think you have an idea for a movie?

I got another one last night. A person who heard me give a speech sent me a message asking me to evaluate his life story as a good spine for a movie. We folks in the movie business get this kind of message a lot. As a rule, people have absolutely no idea how big [Read More…]

No actually, You Don’t Want a Screenwriter

Someone forwarded this on to me today. We get these kind of requests through Act One all the time, but this one was so egregiously offensive, I am sharing it for posterity…. Looking for a professional screenwriter to help get a Christian feature project ready to shoot. The project has been in development for over [Read More…]

Mediocrity Takes on Some Champs

I don’t have the time or will to do a complete analysis of all the faults in The Mighty Macs. It is yet the latest disappointing movie effort to be produced and financed by committed Christians. It will not make its money back and will not add anything to the journey of the exclusively Christian [Read More…]

Screenwriting Grammar Matters

Somebody wrote me recently that their project got rejected in Hollywood for improper formatting. The writer was irate that such a small thing would be used to reject his script. Here, for the general edification was my response…. I wanted to express a brief defense on behalf of those of us who are sticklers about [Read More…]

On Visual Imagery

I am giving a two day workshop on the use of visual imagery in storytelling in Colorado in February 2012. They asked me to write a short piece about the topic for their magazine. I wrote too much and they will probably lose half of it. For posterity’s sake, here’s the whole thing. A Good [Read More…]

New Article from Barb on Euthanasia

Here is a new piece I wrote for my friends at Crisis Magazine about the coming battle for euthanasia. Please click on the link, and send it on to other friends. This issue is critically important, and, as always, our side is staring off into the sunset missing the massing of the opposition. “The evidence [Read More…]

What Happened to the Good Stories?

Here’s a snippet from an interview I just did with a Christian magazine called Aletheia. It will be coming out later in the summer. Q: Where would you say our culture stands in regards to good storytellers and stories? BN: My opinion is that we have nearly lost the ability to tell a good story. [Read More…]

Who is Your Audience? Writing What Your Soul Knows

[NOTE FROM BARB: Here is the outline for a talk I gave this weekend at the San Diego Christian Writers Guild Conference. Several people asked me for the notes, so I told them I’d post them.] Who Is Your Audience? Writing What Your Soul Knows for the San Diego Christian Writers Conference September 25, 2010 [Read More…]

Have We Forgotten?

[Note from Barb: This is something I wrote in the weeks following 9/11. It seems appropriate to repost it now amidst the background of the 9/11 Mosque debate. I think it would have seemed insane to me then, that we are having this debate now. And I would have been right.] “No One Here Is [Read More…]

Fawn, Pander, Blather

It seems hugely anti-climactic to end my two year movie review silence for the likes of the new Julia Robert’s soft-focus orgy Eat, Pray, Love. (Hmmmm… I’m a bit out of practice. Have I just tipped my hand a bit here as to how I felt about the film?) The main flaw of the piece [Read More…]

Another Nice Review

Here’s a nice review of a book for which I wrote a chapter. They had some kind words for my piece: Barbara Nicolosi’s chapter on shepherding artists was one of my favorites. She offers suggestions for identifying, teaching, nurturing, and challenging artists to pursue excellence in their field “for the general edification of the body [Read More…]

Over 1,000,000 Served!

This blog just passed that rather cool benchmark. Thanks so all of you who have stopped by. More soon. [Read more…]

Turn, Turn, Turn

Here’s the long version of my article on the Boomers and their cultural legacy. Thanks again to The Anchoress for coaxing this out of me. [Read more…]