Coming Soon: Exposing the Ickiness of the Christian Movie Selling Business

I'm working on a column that I am finding thoroughly cathartic in the way that confession is always good for the soul. The gist of the column is to walk you good, innocent and trusting pop-culture lay people through the creepy world of flattery, false friendship, pandering, manipulation, bribery and even coercion that goes into getting writers, publishers, radio personalities and television producers to give air and page time to upcoming movies. This world gets even smarmier and shocking when … [Read More...]

Russell Crowe as Noah

Noah – The Emperor’s New Movie

Let me just start by saying two words which you can accept as fair warning to avoid this stupidest movie in years: Rock People.Need more?Tragically, as Western Civilization continues to decay all around us, one thing remains unmuddled: everything is politics. And nowhere is that more true than in media. The same polarization that fired Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and then got him rehired, and made Mel Gibson $600 million, and then lost him his Hollywood career, and made half the … [Read More...]

The Rest of the Review: Flannery O’Connor’s “A Prayer Journal”

(Here is the full length piece I wrote about Flannery O'Connor's recently published, "A Prayer Journal." I wrote the piece for a copy of the book for this website here. They edited out a lot of it for space, but they told me I could reprint the whole thing here.)I can’t imagine any s … [Read More...]

See Barb at Via Affirmativa in Colorado Springs in May

I am honored to have beeninvited to speak to the Artist Retreat for Via Affirmativa this coming May. I will be giving a few presentations probably on the nature of artists and spirituality for artists.Via Affirmativa is a cool group. Here is a statement from their website:Via Affirmativa … [Read More...]

“Nothing Left to Say of Me” – Flannery O’Connor’s, “A Prayer Journal”

Here is the shortened version of a piece I wrote on Flannery O'Connor's, "A Prayer Journal." The longer version will be coming somewhere soon, but this is the heart of it…"Flannery also worries that her writing will lead people away from God instead of towards Him. It shows she knew that her … [Read More...]

Because That Puerile, Stupid Song is Really a Poison

No apologies to John Lennon. It's MY turn….Imagine there’s no cynics. No more spitting in the eye. No more conniving Leftists. No Hopey-Changey lie. Imagine Rachel Maddow,* living for the truth.Imagine there's no sneering. It will be hard for Jon Stewart to do. No one to sue or protest. … [Read More...]

Magnificat Moments

[These are the notes of a talk I gave this past weekend to a chapter of the Magnificat Women's Ministry. I had been invied to give my "testimony." What is here ends rather abruptly because the speech went into the five Magnificat moments of my life which I mainly told as stories without notes. … [Read More...]

Highlights 2/7 Radio Show – “Church of the Masses”/Awards Season

[I have started doing a weekly show called "Church of the Masses" on the Radio Titans Network. When I have time, I will edit together my notes/outlines/transcriptions of the show and post them here.]This show gets its name from my blog which is now hosted at Patheos. Since 2003, the blog has … [Read More...]

Praying for the Entertainment Industry

It's time again for the annual prayer walk for Hollywood around the Dolby Theater, the site of the Oscars. Everyone is welcome. This event is sponsored by Act One and The Hollywood Prayer Network.When: Thurs. Feb. 27th at 7:30pm Where: Meet at Kelly's Coffee & Fudge @ Hollywood & … [Read More...]

Act One Brings In New Head of Producing/Executive Program

Sharing their press release…INTO THE FUTURE: ACT ONE BRINGS ON A NEW HEAD OF IT’S PRODUCING PROGRAM Act One, Inc.’s Justin Bell steps down to help Roma Downey and Mark Burnett’s oversee the distribution of 20th Century Fox’s Son of God. Participant Media’s, Christian McGuigan, to step in for … [Read More...]

A “Christian” Cinema? An interview with Av Venire

Here is an interview that just came out. It is me being interviewed by writer Andrea Galli for the Italian paper Av Venire. I don't have an exact translation, but these are the answers to her questions that I sent by email.Q: A straightforward question (that was the title of one of your … [Read More...]

ATTN: Hollywood Area Entertainment Industry Catholics

Happy New Year, Hollywood Catholics!SAVE THE DATES!So, our chaplain, Fr. Don and I talked about it this morning and here is a heads up for the Lens schedule for the first half of 2014.Saturday, January 25, 9:30-noon - Planning and Training for LENS Regional Small … [Read More...]

Choosing Life with Downton Abbey – Season 4

[Spoiler Alert for the season opener.] We enjoyed watching the two hour Season Four opener, but I'm not sure if a big part of the enjoyment was just being reunited again with all the familiar characters after nine months of waiting. The storytelling dragged a bit here and there, but overall, it … [Read More...]

What is it with Act Oners and Doritos?

Again! This is like the fifth year in a row, that teams containing Act One alumni have made it to the finals of the Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" contest. It's always exciting for the community to rally around our friends. How else could you realistically win $1,000,000 making a very very short … [Read More...]