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Film Chat

The Brazilian Moses movie is big, but not quite that big

It didn't set any new records, but it was still very popular -- especially for a film re-edited from a widely-seen TV series.

1More Film Blog

“Telling a Great Story” — An Interview with Disney’s Mark Henn

There is a certain stigma attached to adults watching animated films, as if they are doing something that is only for children. Henn works to change that misconception, “We create films that are hopefully enjoyed by everybody.”

Watching God

The Quiet Faith of Peyton Manning

This blog is about looking for God in entertainment, so it’s only right we mention here the biggest entertainment event of all: The Super Bowl. Admittedly, I doubt very much whether God cares who wins. But whoever wins, there are plenty of players who care about God. One of those players is Peyton Manning. Some [Read More...]

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