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Film Chat

A.D. The Bible Continues — season one, episode four

Quick notes on the series' depiction of Ananias and Sapphira, the donation of Barnabas, the two miraculous visions that don't appear in the Bible, and more.

1More Film Blog

Batman Begins (Nolan, 2005) — Ten Years Later

So the question becomes: how does Batman Begins hold up in a post-Avengers world?

Watching God

Are the Avengers Religious?

Superhero stories often have religious oomph to them. It’s only natural, really: You’re dealing with tales that dive into the nature of good and evil, are predicated on themes of justice and redemption and often star cape-wearing demigods. But who or what, exactly, do these superhuman wonders worship themselves? That can be tricky to parse. [Read More...]

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