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Reel Faith

New ‘Star Wars’ Film Preview: Rogue One

Following The Force Awakens, Rogue One is the newest Star Wars film, this one a prequel of the original trilogy focusing on how the plans for the Death Star were stolen. It seems to have the same magic of the originals and TFA. Coming in December 2016…


5 pieces of pop culture to help you endure the election

The election. I know, I’m sick of it, too. But take heart: November 8 is less than a month away. One month from now, the political ads will stop, a candidate will have been chosen, and we’ll begin the difficult work of moving on. I doubt there are many undecided voters left. Whether you’re casting [Read More...]

Film Chat

Ben-Hur coming to Blu-Ray and Digital HD for the holidays

The Christian-bookstore edition of the film will have bonus features that the regular Blu-Ray won't have.

Pop Theology

Reflections on THE BIRTH OF A NATION

New Pop Theology contributor and Killer Serials co-host, Tony Jones, offers up some reflections on the controversial new film, The Birth of a Nation, which releases in theaters nation-wide on Friday, Oct. 7th. More after the jump. The Birth of a Nation is the most theologically rich movie I have seen in a long time. Just the [Read More...]

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"Denial" Interfaith Featurette
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