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Backstage Pass

Ben-Hur Opens Today! Star Jack Huston Shares What Drew Him to the Movie

"The central question of the film is a really great one: how do we forgive? We are capable. It just takes one person to take that first step."


The BBC 100 Greatest Films list presents a learning opportunity

I love lists. I know that’s not the critically correct thing to say — most critics go to great pains to say how much they hate compiling lists and how ranking art is futile, even as they regularly churn out their own best-of lists each year. And, of course, they’re right. Ranking art as “best” is [Read More...]

Film Chat

Ben-Hur news round-up: Even more cast & crew interviews

Plus: a note on the box-office fallout, and a note on the cameras used in the opening scene, as the film continues to roll out overseas.

Pop Theology


Christian Piatt’s new book, Leaving A-Holiness Behind: From Pious Jerk to Not-So-Pious Jerk, works well, in part, because he admits what so few people faith are eager to admit. Namely, that he–and the rest of us–are a bunch of assholes. If that statement offends you, well, you definitely need to read the book. Piatt drops the [Read More...]

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Patheos Exclusive Clip: Last Days in the Desert
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