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Editor's Choice

Finding Jesus: A Q&A with Ewan McGregor and Rodrigo Garcia

"You can't approach playing a character such as Jesus without being a little freaked out. It's incredibly daunting ...but you have to put that aside. You have to start with finding the man in you and focusing on that." --Ewan McGregor


The rock star, the pastor and the Psalms

U2's Bono and Eugene Peterson talk about biblical poetry in this extraordinary short documentary filmed on location at Peterson's home in Montana.

Watching God

Are Miracles Real? Just Look Around.

The final episode of National Geographic’s The Story of God series (airing May 8), “The Power of Miracles,” suggests how tricky it is to determine what really constitutes divine intervention. We meet a man who survived a 47-story drop from a skyscraper—but the same fall claimed the life of his brother. Host Morgan Freeman talks [Read More...]


Watch: Jesus meets Ciaran Hinds in the first clip from Last Days in the Desert; plus new photos and interviews

Ewan McGregor talks some more about playing both Jesus and Satan, and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki has posted some pictures from the set to his Instagram account.

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Patheos Exclusive Clip: Last Days in the Desert
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