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Film Chat

Watch: George Clooney stars in a Bible movie (sort of) in the trailer for the Coen brothers’ new film Hail, Caesar!

The movie comes out early next year in the middle of a real-life Bible-movie wave -- two weeks after Risen and three weeks before the new version of Ben-Hur.

1More Film Blog

Sleeping with Other People (Headland, 2015)

I started to write that it took me a week to decide whether or not I liked Sleeping with Other People (★★), Leslye Headland's Millenial riff on When Harry Met Sally, but that wasn't true. It took me a week to accept and come to terms with the fact that I didn't.

Watching God

Phil Vischer and the Theology of Jellyfish

Phil Vischer has always been one of my favorite storytellers. My kids drew up watching Vischer’s VeggieTales—a rare faith-based product that was both seriously Christian and delightfully entertaining—and he’s continued telling stories through his JellyTelly characters, headed by the intrepid big-headed puppet Buck Denver. But his latest feels like one of the most personal stories [Read More...]

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