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Film Chat

A.D. The Bible Continues — season one, episode twelve

Some brief thoughts on how the final (for now) episode of this series revises the biblical story of Cornelius's conversion, the secular story of Caligula's statue, and more.

1More Film Blog

When Marnie Was There (Yonebayashi, 2014)

"In this world there's an invisible magic circle. There's an inside and an outside [....] I'm outside, but it doesn't really matter."

Watching God

The Spiritual Wind of Jazz Artist Kirk Whalum

Christian music, like Christianity itself, is a many-faceted thing. It encompasses Handel’s Messiah and “Amazing Grace,’ Bill Gaither and Lecrae. For most of us, Christian music isn’t tied to a particular style, but rather to the message the music conveys—lyrics that speak of God’s grace and truth and love. But can music be Christian if [Read More...]

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