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Film Chat

Two shows about the Ten Commandments are in the works, including a “reimagining” of Kieslowski’s Dekalog

Plus: Watch all ten episodes of the original classic Polish miniseries.

Looking Closer

A Conversation with Sam Phillips: Revisiting The Image 20th Anniversary Interview

This weekend, Sam Phillips joined Joe Henry onstage for what was reportedly a knockout, 2 1/2-hour concert. Oh, if only I could have teleported down to L.A. to at the Coronet. I’ve been in a bit of a funk, knowing that I was missing one of my dream concerts. To cheer myself up, I’m revisiting [Read More...]

Schaeffer's Ghost

A Schaeffer’s Ghost Oscar Review Roundup

Reviews of select Oscar nominees in several categories.

1More Film Blog

Coming Soon: Bite Size, Libera in America

Young people tend to be one of the more stereotyped groups in fiction films, so I tend to be attentive to documentaries about them

Watching God

In Defense of Superheroes (And Their Movies)

Hollywood is ashamed of its superheroes. I got that vibe watching Sunday night’s Oscars telecast, anyway. Oh, sure, Captain America and Star Lord handed out a couple of Oscars, but they sure weren’t about to receive any. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy were both shut out in the technical categories. [Read More...]

Sister Rose at the Movies

At the 35th Annual Razzie Awards: “own your bad!” and now “own your good!”

Here are some pictures from The Razzie Awards last Saturday night. It was so much fun. I was so honored to be asked to present the first ever RAZZIE REDEEMER AWARD (to Ben Affleck who didn’t show). See the 5 minute video below. My sister caught my presentation on her iPhone from the mezzanine. There [Read More...]

The Rogue


  As we re-explore the Star Wars prequels and steel ourselves for the upcoming installments, we need to hear a grounding voice.  A deep, sonorous, awe-inspiring… terrifyingly epic voice.  Sith Lords are notoriously unafraid to state their opinions. Mark Fordham is an artist, filmmaker, former cop, father of five, husband of a Stormtroopette, seasoned veteran of [Read More...]

Doc Hollywood

MCFARLAND USA: An Interview with Legendary Coach Jim White

Do you like sports movies?   I cry every time I watch Field of Dreams. The rousing underdog stories of Rudy or The Rookie almost feel too good to be true. The cynic in us may resist, but once you actually meet Jimmy, the guy who sank the winning shot in Hoosiers, your perspective shifts.   These [Read More...]

Pop Theology

On Mardi Gras with the Mystic Krewe of Apollo de Lafayette

I still don’t believe what I witnessed this past weekend. Blinking my eyes in the daylight, I can conjure memories of feathers, explosions of confetti and lights sweeping a bouncing crowd of revelers. There was royalty—kings and queens decked out from tiara to toes in glitter. There was pounding, dance-inducing music. And drag—what drag! Maybe [Read More...]

Christopher Closeup

Saving Society’s “Disposable” Kids: Filmmaker Brian Ivie Discusses “The Drop Box”

(All photos property of The Drop Box Film/Focus on the Family) On June 20, 2011, USC filmmaking student Brian Ivie was eating his breakfast cereal and reading the Los Angeles Times when he came across a story titled “South Korean Pastor Tends an Unwanted Flock.” It shared the actions of Pastor Jong-rak Lee, who had [Read More...]

Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present "Unbroken"