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Film Chat

Report from Rome: The makers of Risen talk about Bible movies, film noir, sympathetic killers, and meeting the Pope

My friend Matt Page, who runs the Bible Films Blog, attended a special screening of the film in Rome, which was followed by a Q&A with Joseph Fiennes and the film's producers. Here is Matt's report.

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The Devil Wears Prada (Frankel, 2006) — 10 Years Later

It’s morning in Manhattan and the legion of the city’s models rise. They dress in a beautiful catalog of lingerie, skirts and stilettos and open their cabinets full of luxury makeup and eyeliner. When they hail taxis with cutting precision, they clutch their designer purses in their other arms. All of this opening scene takes place to the sound of KT Tunstall 2005 pop hit, “Suddenly I See,” which is perhaps a little too on the mark. We hear lyrics like, “She’s a beautiful girl / and everything around her is a silver pool of light,” and “Suddenly I see / This is what I want to be,” and we can’t help but wonder if The Devil Wears Prada will be 109 minutes of glorifying the fashion industry.

Watching God

The Prejudice Against Christian Zombies

I was pretty disappointed with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which was released this past Friday. I had reasonably high expectations going in. As an  old English lit major, I love me some Jane Austen. As a card-carrying geek, I love me some zombies. I thought the movie’s source material—Seth Grahame-Smith’s 2009 retrofit of Austen’s [Read More...]

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