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Film Chat

Lionsgate sees “franchise” potential in Homer’s epic poems

The filmmakers behind The Hunger Games can't get multi-movie sagas out of their systems.

1More Film Blog

An Open Secret (Berg, 2014)

Billed as "The Film Hollywood Doesn't Want You to See," Amy Berg's documentary claims the practice of child molestation in the entertainment industry is pervasive.

Watching God

Daredevil: A Superhero in Samaria

I finished watching Netflix’ saga Daredevil recently. And while some folks have mentioned that Netflix actually soft-pedaled Daredevil/Matt Murdock’s Catholicism a bit, the series still spent plenty of time exploring some spiritual themes. My friend J.R. Forasteros over at did a pretty fantastic job walking us through some of Daredevil’s spiritual themes, and as [Read More...]

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