See Barb at Via Affirmativa in Colorado Springs in May

See Barb at Via Affirmativa in Colorado Springs in May March 10, 2014

I am honored to have beeninvited to speak to the Artist Retreat for Via Affirmativa this coming May. I will be giving a few presentations probably on the nature of artists and spirituality for artists.

Via Affirmativa is a cool group. Here is a statement from their website:

Via Affirmativa Core
Via Affirmativa is a movement that seeks to provide opportunities for art makers to examine and live their creative vision in light of the values of the Kingdom of God.

Via Affirmativa is connecting and encouraging a new generation of believing and on-the-road-to-believing musicians, writers, actors, dancers, painters and poets who are deeply engaged with the world through their art and their friendships. We want to see beauty replanted in the cultural mainstream so that all kinds of people, whether they are religious or not, can journey through beauty back to its source–the living God. Every art maker has a compelling call to fulfill the measure of the gifts given to them. There are two essentials for this journey of fulfillment and they are a compelling vision and mastery of the medium. We believe that mastery of the medium is in fact critical and affirm those who provide that contribution. Via Affirmativa is a movement with a distinct purpose to provide the environment and opportunity for the art maker to inform and imbue their vision with the values of the Kingdom of God.

Via is an ever-expanding and deepening idea that inspires the creation of intentional communities of artists and art-lovers, sprinkled throughout the country, and the world. They work together to make transformative beauty accessible to people through their art.

Check back here for Spring retreat registration information coming soon.

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