Because That Puerile, Stupid Song is Really a Poison

Because That Puerile, Stupid Song is Really a Poison February 23, 2014

No apologies to John Lennon. It’s MY turn….

Imagine there’s no cynics. No more spitting in the eye. No more conniving Leftists. No Hopey-Changey lie.
Imagine Rachel Maddow,* living for the truth.

Imagine there’s no sneering. It will be hard for Jon Stewart to do. No one to sue or protest. And no ACLU.
Imagine all the lawyers, living on the street. OOH-OOH-oohoohooh.

You may say, I’m a bigot. But you say a lot of sh*t. I hope some day you’ll get some therapy. Cause this world of sinners can’t be one.

Imagine no committees. I wonder if Krugman can. No one to preen and posture. A bureaucrat deadland.
Imagine all the “victims,” standing on their feet. OOH-OOH-oohoohooh.

You, may say I’m a racist. But you don’t know what that means. I hope someday you’ll grow up. But if not, we have our guns.

Parodied cathartically by Barbara R. Nicolosi and yes, that felt great.

*Or David Gregory, Katie Couric, Jimmy Carville, Richard Reichhhhhhhh, Nancy Pelosi, etc, etc. etc.

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