Act One Alumni Praise Report

Kudos and best wishes to Bob Martinez (WP-00) and his writing partner who recently sold their original screenplay, currently titled “Deathgames,” to the Motion Picture Corporation of America. Principle photography begins May 5th in Baton Rouge and stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kellan Lutz (of the “Twilight” saga) and Daniel Dae Kim (of “Lost”.) The movie [Read More…]

Another Act One Alumni Movie!

Dear Snowpeople — Well in case you were wondering — finally — there are SNOWMEN in the forecast! We have been “officially” invited, and SNOWMEN has just been “officially” accepted to make it’s WORLD PREMIERE this Saturday, April 24th at the TRIBECA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. SNOWMEN was one of 5500 entries and the only family [Read More…]

For the Beauty of the Church

Just released! I have a chapter in this book called something like “Identifying Real Artists and Ways to Shepherd Them.” The book was based on a series of talks given at a wonderful symposium held a few Springs ago on Austin, TX. The book was compiled by the gracious and astute David Taylor and includes [Read More…]

New Movie from Act One Writer, Director and Producer!

[Read more…]

“I come not to praise BSG, but to bury it.”

Well, it’s over. And I have lots to say as a requiem. Unfortunately, I am swamped for the next two days with legitimate writing work. And really, I think I am still a bit too grief stricken to write yet. I will soon, however, as I think there are some key lessons about bad storytelling, [Read More…]

Barb on Haunting Moments

Here is my talk about haunting moments in storytelling, from the Storytelling Conference that Act One hosted last October. Following my talk there is about thirty minutes of discussion with our panelists which included Dr. Peter Kreeft (Socrates and Jesus), Bill Marsilli (screenwriter Deja Vu), Karen Hall (writer Judging Amy), Christopher Riley (author, The Hollywood [Read More…]

Quick Movie Warnings

Watchmen WE WALKED OUT. Awful. Disgusting. Degrading. Vile. Barbarous. The kind of entertainment the Roman mobs were watching just before the barbarians came over the walls. Did I say depraved? I meant to. If you let your kids go to this piece of absolute unmitigated garbage, you deserve whatever nightmare lives they end up inflicting [Read More…]

Kudos for Act One Alumni!

A feature written and produced by Act One alumni Rajeev Sigamoney (WP ’02) and Dan Ewald (WP ’99) just got a  great review in Christianity Today.   The project is based on their hit web series (which had more than 500,000 views).  It is a mockumentary about Christians and the arts and features a top-flight [Read More…]

Oscar Night Thread

I’m teaching today and then am going to have to disappear most of the week to work on writing commitments, but wanted to register a few thoughts about last night’s liturgy for Hollywood’s High Holy Day, the Oscar telecast. Overall, I thought it was a great show. The only real way I can think it [Read More…]

Grand Torino

I shocked myself this week by really enjoying Clint Eastwood’s latest offering Gran Torino. I thought it was charming in many places and it made me laugh out loud several times. The violence was surprisingly unbrutal for an Eastwood film, and most refreshingly of all, unlike almost all of Eastwood’s projects, Gran Torino knows what [Read More…]

BSG Season 4 Update

Very, very spoilery. You’ve been warned. There have been some undeniably brilliant moments in the last few episodes of Season 4.5. “The Oath” about the squelching of Gaeta’s/Varek’s rebellion was as great as anything we have seen since Season One, or even those first amazing four episodes of Season 3… Remember those? Sigh… But the [Read More…]

An Actor Tells the Truth

Here is an astounding piece by actor, Gary Graham (Star Trek: Enterprise), posted over at, about his journey from being a pot-smoking, baby-boom, free-lover and pro-choicer, into being a shell-shocked, “I killed my own children” pro-lifer. I can’t tell you how much courage it takes for someone in the Hollywood cosmos to say clearly [Read More…]

BSG: “Sometimes a Great Notion”

Sometimes I live in the country Sometimes I live in the town Sometimes I get a great notion To jump into the river an’ drown (from the song Goodnight Irene, by Lead Belly) Oh dear. They blew it last night. The revelation of the final cylon was far from “a great notion” and seemed to [Read More…]

More Quick Movie Reviews

Still making my way through the stack of award screeners. I wish I could say I have found lots of movies to love, but my feeling is most of the critically acclaimed movies made in 2008 will be quickly lost to cinematic history. One can hope anyway. Let’s jump in… _________________________________________________Short Changed-ling Directed by Clint [Read More…]