DECODING BIGOTRY Here is Amy Welborn’s review of the best-selling book The Da Vinci Code. Several people have written about how the book is very profound and provocative. Amy debunks that. Here’s a snippet… Brown’s treatment of the Roman Catholic Church is unoriginal as well, as he uncritically repeats, among many other lies and distortions, [Read More…]

…He said I was “Modern Man,” and if they voted to convict me, well, they’d be practically cinching the noose around their own necks. He told them to look not at the facts but at the meaning of the facts, and then he said the facts *had* no meaning. It was a pretty good speech, [Read More…]

SPELLBOUND: S – T – E – L – L – A – R Spellbound, a feacher-length documentery was releesed in 2001 and nomminated for an Academy Award (Can’t imagen why it didn’t win!.. Sum pc matchinashuns probebly afoot….Ooooh, am I turning into a sinic?). The film has been makeing the rounds of varioss film [Read More…]

“I guess I’d like to prove there’s something pure in me, you know? They say the soul is part angel and part monster. Sometimes I think life is a chance to set the angel free.” from The Iron Giant [Read more…]

MORE PASSION Disclaimer: There is a lot of scuttlebutt flying around about this movie. Here’s some news someone (who is in a position to know) shared with me yesterday. It may not be true. So, Icon Productions – the production company of note for The Passion – has had no luck in finding a studio [Read More…]

“A TRUE BRAINIAC’S FILM FEST!” (LA WEEKLY) My favorite weekend of the year is always somewhere in late October or early November when my friends and I all get together to bring-off the amazing City of the Angels Film Festival. I am honored to be on the Executive Committee of this very cool event, which [Read More…]

“Found a culture, have you, Rita? Found a better song to sing, have you? No–you have found a different song, that’s all.” From Educating Rita, 1983 I love this film. It’s all about sophos-moros, an affliction that has just about killed the Academy. Check it out. Here is a thoughtful review to whet your cinematic [Read More…]


NBC’S COUPLING: PUSHING THE ENVELOPE, THE MAIL BOX, THE POST OFFICE…. So, NBC has a new show on the schedule in the Fall, Coupling, that is based on a British hit of the same name. In the words of the Hollywood Reporter, the show is libidinous enough “to make the Sex in the City girls [Read More…]

SO YOU THINK YOU OUGHT TO WORK IN HOLLYWOOD? By Francine Russell, Barbara Nicolosi, and Zena Dell Schroeder [NOTE FROM BARB – We at Act One wrote this to have something more pastoral to say than just, “Good luck” to the hunderds of inquirers who approach us every year for advice about working in the [Read More…]

BE NOT AFRAID: PART I – WHY ARE CHRISTIANS SO AFRAID OF HOLLYWOOD? Already, a few of you are scoffing. “We’re not ‘afraid’ of Hollywood, we just disdain it.” If you need to say that, fine. But how about if I asked you, “Are you afraid of Hollywood’s influence on your children or grandchildren?” Okay, [Read More…]

NOT A JOB WELL DONE I saw The Italian Job last night. The word in the pews is that actor Mark Wahlberg has become quite the serious Catholic, and I like to support our own. I also like a good heist movie. Oh well. The only good heist here is the one perpretrated on the [Read More…]

44 MINUTES ON FX One of our Act One faculty members, author and screenwriter James Scott Bell, sent me the following heads-up about a docudrama that aired recently on the FX channel. They will certainly air it many more times so keep an eye out for it. Don’t know if anyone saw the FX movie [Read More…]

“NUNC DIMITIS…” His serene astuteness, Mark Shea, King of all Blogdom, has written a great article on blogging which you can copy to all your friends and family who still don’t know what a blog is. I meet these people all the time and find myself looking at them in shocked consternation. “How can you [Read More…]