ACT ONE ON THE WIRE The brilliant and, oh, so culturally astute, Terry Mattingly, has just done a story on Act One. Terry writes for the Scripps-Howard News Service, so this story could be in as many as 600 papers. So far, I found it in the Anchorage Daily News and the Sacramento Bee. I [Read More…]

“FOR BOMPI” I was a party to Far From Heaven today. This film must have been named by the same ironic little devils that came up with “The Hours.” That title held a dark foreshadowing of how long the movie would seem to theatergoers. This title sets up, in a menacingly madcap way, lots of [Read More…]

A BLOG FOR WRITERS Novelist, television scribe and esteemed Act One faculty member, Karen Hall, has started a blog on writing. She has begun by talking about the importance of writing from a credo. Check it out. [Read more…]

FROM THEOLOGIAN, MARTIN SCORSESE In today’s Hollywood Reporter, director Martin Scorsese is asked if he anticipated the controversy that surrounded The Last Temptation of Christ. Scorsese: No, I didn’t expect that. I knew there would be some people who would be upset, but this was a theme we discussed very often in high school – [Read More…]

A SAD DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD “The whole idea is to look at the television camera and present as much love as you possibly could to a person who might feel that he or she needs it.” (Fred Rogers in CNN Interview) I had the opportunity to meet Fred Rogers two years ago. He was [Read More…]

MORE GOOD NEWS FOR THE FUTURE I’ve been brooding over the reality TV excesses lately, trying to figure out how we, as a culture, got where we are, and where we might be headed. I found this quote on Bizarre Science, which didn’t make me feel better, except that it started me brooding over where [Read More…]

BECAUSE, YOU SEE, IN HOLLYWOOD, THE MESSIAH HASN’T COME YET Daily Variety reports yesterday that two big animation houses (Visionbox Prods. and X-42 Prods.) are partnering on a 3-D animated flick called, The Chosen One. Story is about an average Joe who is revealed to be “the Messiah,” (Variety’s words, not mine) and has to [Read More…]

TO END ALL WARS Last night, I (with about 350 other Hollywood Christians) attended an Inter-Mission screening of the much anticipated To End All Wars. “Much anticipated” by Christians in the industry, anyway, because its creators have been everywhere saying that their film would be “gritty and real” and, by implication, much closer to what [Read More…]

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE Gods and Generals posted a respectable 8th place for its opening weekend. It took in around $5,000,0000. This is significant because the film can only get one show a night compared to two or three for some of its competitors. More good news… the dreadful and vile Daredevil tanked in its second [Read More…]

MORE GODS AND GENERALS Catholic Exchange is running my review of Gods and Generals. Rod Dreher agrees. [Read more…]

“JOE MILLIONAIRE: FORTY MILLION VIEWERS CAN’T BE WRONG” (The Hollywood Reporter) “WHEN YOU FIND YOURSELF AGREEING WITH THE MAJORITY, IT’S TIME TO REFORM.” (Mark Twain) Once, when Jesus was particularly dismayed by the obtuseness of his apostles, he cried out, “Can you not read the signs of the times?” The cry echoes down through the [Read More…]

DARE TO SKIP DAREDEVIL Note from Barbara: I have invited some of our Act One alumns to submit guest reviews. Primarily, so I can avoid having to see movies like Daredevil. Here is one written by Sean Domoachowski, Act One Chicago ’02. Thanks Sean! ) I wanted to like this movie. The last three movies [Read More…]

WHY WE LOVE RAYMOND Nice cold open on Everybody Loves Raymond tonight. Deborah, played by one of our heroes, Patricia Heaton, comes in all cheery. She announces that she has just come from a church meeting, during which she signed up to do charity work at a local homeless shelter. Ray is non-plussed until she [Read More…]

STILL GAGGING ON GANGS I woke up in a crabby mood this morning, and dragged myself to Mass snarling and feeling annoyed. Poor Jesus. This is, no doubt, a hangover from having been slimed by Gangs of New York last night. Who says movies don’t affect culture? I am in a definitely iconoclastic frame of [Read More…]