SCORSESE GANGS UP ON THE AUDIENCE Just saw Gangs of New York tonight. This is such an awful movie that I can’t even bring myself to relive it for the purposes of reviewing it. The only thing more repugnant than the graphic brutality and filmmaking excesses in this over-long piece of cinematic pretension, is the [Read More…]

I’LL NEVER EAT LUNCH IN THIS CHURCH AGAIN Here goes… Okay, I admit it. I was bored and confused during The Fellowship of the Rings. I started looking at my watch after only thirty minutes of The Two Towers, and then, kept looking at it every five minutes for the next two and a half [Read More…]

THIS YEAR’S ACADEMY AWARDS GAYLA Michael Medved puts together some “Good grief! What are we going to do?!” numbers in his column over at World Net Daily. “The Advocate, America’s most prestigious homosexual magazine, published a list of the 10 top gay films for 2002, and seven of those 10 emerged as major Oscar contenders.” [Read More…]

THE PIANIST HITS THE SAME TERRIBLE NOTES We’ve seen this movie already. We’ve seen it hundreds of times. We’ve seen it much better. The latest entry in the extensive catalog of Holocaust films adds nothing to our understanding of the many issues surrounding the terrible years of Nazi power. As always, we have the shocking [Read More…]

AND THE WINNER ISN’T THE AUDIENCE It’s award season here in Tinseltown. If you think the few award shows you people in “fly-over” get to see on TV are annoying, you should be here for the ad nauseum infinitum Gush Fest that we all have to endure from January to April. We’ve got hundreds of [Read More…]

SEND A MESSAGE TO HOLLYWOOD – BUY A TICKET! Do your part to hasten cultural renewal. Skip Daredevil next weekend, and go see God’s and Generals instead. People outside of “the industry” do not appreciate how much importance is attached to a movie’s opening weekend. Religious people tend to stay away from a new release [Read More…]

FOR THE “WE DON’T EAT IT, WE JUST COOK IT” FILES AP reports this week that the instances of sexually explicit material on television has increased in the last year. This is news to no one, it seems, except the people who make TV shows. “I am blown away … at how much sexual content [Read More…]

CHICAGO! With a well-deserved 13 Academy Award nominations, Chicago is my pick for pretty much Best Everything this year. The only exception is Queen Latifah’s nod for Supporting Actress. Her performance was stilted, in a role that could have been one more fabulous quirk in a film that is a quirky rush. I loved this [Read More…]

THE HOURS – A handy title that not only names the film, but also aptly describes how long every minute of this dreadful piece of cinematic doo-doo feels to the members of the audience – This is a movie about three different women in three different decades. The only thing good here is the three [Read More…]

Everywhere I go, people ask me for recommendations of movies and TV shows. “What’s good out there that we should see?” This blog will be serve hopefully as a more pastoral response than my stock response: “Someday, I’m going to make a list…” I am indebted to one of my Act One students, Sean Domachowski, [Read More…]