Quick Movie Reviews

Happy Christmas everybody! I got back from Portugal on the 21st, and since have been making merry, praying and watching lots of “For Your Consideration” screeners. I must admit, I like the free screener part of being in the WGA very much. There isn’t time to do decent reviews of all the movies I’ve seen, [Read More…]

Rachel Going Nowhere

Just so bad. Sooooooooo bad. I think the point here was for Anne Hathaway to prove she has “real” acting chops, by appearing in one of those quirkily brilliant little indie features. Oh well. This movie is not brilliant, and mistakes weirdness for quirkiness. And Hathaway really ends up just being wedged into a wincingly, [Read More…]

Crikey, mate! What a total mess!

I remember when I was in Australia last year that somebody explained to me the local euphemism in which something very nice is called a “dinky di.” Well, let’s just say the new movie Australia by director Baz Luhrmann needs a whole new euphemism, maybe, “dinky doo-doo”? It is a spectacular mess. That is, it [Read More…]

Helping You Help Me

We have a major star who is interested in playing Herod the Great in the movie I co-wrote “Mary, Mother of the Christ. Said star has asked for a little beefing up of the role of Herod in the movie, and came up with the intriguing idea of having the terrible king show up at [Read More…]

BSG Freaking Out

Okay, back to what’s REALLY important…. The IMDB page for the much anticipated last ten episodes of the great Battlestar Galactica (2003) (all bow) is listing a “freaking me out!” casting addition. If you don’t want a potentially mind-blowing spoiler of who just might be the Final Cylon, then, by all means, don’t click here. [Read More…]

Shaken Awake by The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

I’m in the Phoenix airport and the Wi-Fi here is uneven (- which I find disconcertingly cheeky. Don’t they know that Obama has been elected and has ushered in a new era of complete transformation of hope and change?!), but I wanted to send a heads-up for the haunting and eerily relevant movie now in [Read More…]

Pithy Movie Ratings for Busy Culture Watchers

I have been seeing a few movies lately, but there really hasn’t been anything that has really been worth taking a lot of time to review. Still, for those of you who want to know, here are quick “Barb giving the thumbs down” to some things that are in theaters right now… Appaloosa Directed by [Read More…]

Nearly Every Thought I’ve Ever had in My Head…

This past May, I had the honor of participating in a four day conference in Austin, TX that had the title Transforming Culture. It was organized by the awe-inspiring David Taylor and featured wonderful thinkers as keynote speakers like Jeremy Begbie, Eugene Peterson, and Andy Crouch…all of which had me singing the Sesame Street song [Read More…]

Story Conference Debrief

I’m really tired here and I can’t take long as I am meeting dear friend and erstwhile Los Angeles expat Karen Hall for Mass and brunch. But what an amazing two days we just had! It’s hard not to think that we participated in something monumental in the Story Conference. Ten brains – all very [Read More…]

Story Conference Prepping

I’m doing a lot of Flannery reading in preparation for our Story Conference next week. Some of the lines in Habit of Being are so good they make me want to call my older sister and just say them to her. It makes me happy to read her. I thought I’d share some of these [Read More…]

The Duchess Lacks Pedigree

It looks lovely.  So, lovely, you almost forgive the fact that this is a one note tragedy about a lovely, and intelligent young woman who is crushed under the injustice and occasional brutality of unbridled patriarchy.    But the costumes are grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!  And if it doesn’t win best costume than whomever spent two years designing [Read More…]

On Art and Healing the World

[NB FROM BARB: A friend sent me this and asked me to post it. I don’t personallyhave any experience with this group but it sounds great to me.] Subject: Artists on Call: A Diaspora of Hope Greetings. At the risk of clogging your email, I wanted to ask for yourhelp in reaching artists, educators, social [Read More…]

Not Much to Wine About

Bottle Shock, could do for Chardonnay what Sideways did for Pinot Noir. At least it will send wine Neanderthals like me surging out of the theater desperate to slake a strange new thirst for the Napa Valley golden wine that is the heart of this quirky little movie. Bottle Shock won’t get the attention that [Read More…]

Brideshead Eviscerated

How dare they. No, I mean really, how DARE they?! Imagine if someone did a new adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird and it ended up savagely racist? That’s what they’ve done here. A profoundly Catholic novel, in this “adaptation”, Brideshead Revisited is viciously anti-Catholic. They turned a movie about God and the soul, into [Read More…]