Welcoming Brian McLaren to Claremont

Claremont School of Theology president Jerry Campbell recently blogged about some very exciting news: the addition of author, activist, speaker, and emergent church leader Brian McLaren to the school’s Board of Trustees.  In fact, the title of this new blog that we are launching this week comes from Campbell’s post about McLaren:

“Without a doubt, Brian shares the forward-leaning spirit that has always characterized Claremont. He’s passionate about finding the overlooked ways of Jesus in a diverse and conflicted world. And he asks those of us who are followers of Jesus to seek our place within what he calls the ecology of God.”

Click here to read the rest of the article on the “President’s Pen” blog.

Over the coming weeks, the diverse voices of the faculty and students of Claremont School of Theology will begin blogging here about issues in religion, culture, and politics.  We look forward to many vibrant conversations in the near future!