The Faith of Dag Hammarskjöld (by Kathleen McGregor)

CST student Kathleen McGregor

This post is written in conjunction with the “Becoming a Public Scholar” course and is directed by Monica A. Coleman. In Becoming a Public Scholar, we have discussed what makes a public scholar, specifically, a religious public scholar. A public scholar is not only well educated, and an expert in his or her field, there [Read More...]

Do We Need More “Ministerial Exceptions”? (by Kile Jones)

Kile Jones (Ph.D. student at CLU)

This post is written in conjunction with the “Religion and Law in the U.S.” course dialogue project and is directed by Grace Yia-Hei Kao. In a recent unanimous and precedent-setting Supreme Court ruling, a “ministerial exception” was given to Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School regarding employment discrimination.  Cheryl Perich, a “called teacher” at Hosanna-Tabor, [Read More...]

An Author, a Comic, & a Bishop Walk into a Theology School…

Author, public theologian and CST trustee Brian McLaren joins pastor and stand-up comedienne Jane Voigts and Kenpo Karate Black Belt and Bishop Gran Hagiya to discuss: “Where is the Church going?” CST Dean Philip Clayton will be moderating for the evening. All are invited to a highly entertaining and provocative discussion of trends in American [Read More...]