Call for Theo-Bloggers: Philip Clayton’s New Book

Over the coming weeks, a number of theo-bloggers (feel free to join in!) will be posting responses to (CST Dean) Philip Clayton and Steven Knapp’s new book  The Predicament of Belief.  This “blog tour” is setting up for something that the popular theological podcast Homebrewed Christianity has been wanting to try: a Theo-Nerd book party.

Here’s the idea:

HBC will collect all blogger’s questions for Dr. Clayton, have a party at his house, make him sweat asking them in a live podcast, invite people to come, stream it online, and share it on the podcast afterwards.

This event can be a success only if bloggers help Tripp and Bo at HBC get good questions and let your blog readers know about the online party!  You can blog your questions, but it would be best (for the podcast sake) if you also submitted them in audio or video (YouTube) form.  It’s easy to do audio.  Just go to the Homebrewed Christianity homepage and click the mic on the right side.  It will turn on your CPU’s mic and you can start talking.  Tripp and Bo at HBC can edit them if you need to start over.

When you post to your blog, it would be awesome if you share Philip’s session from the Emergent Village Theological Conversation where he presents the sections in the book on the Resurrection, Trinity, and Eschatology.  He starts into the book material at minute 14.

Also share & invite your readers to attend the book party March 15th.  Here’s an invite w\ details to come both physically and digitally.

Please direct any questions to Tripp Fuller.

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