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We break your regular blog-ver-sa-tion programming for… Our history is testimony to racism, bigotry and slander

It is getting to a point, one half of the Muslim paradigm is being backed into a corner. Certain American citizens feel it is necessary to demoralize the Muslim character, as if their own historical presence shines any better. Spending countless marketing dollars on ads, that defame and are untrue about American Muslims.

Let’s overview the African American Muslim’s history, as it could stand as a record for terrorism, rape and bigotry against a race of people by one sector of Americans. America’s powers made a decision to traffic humans and import labour. The crimes committed by these decision makers over a population of Africans, and then continued (over time) on African Americans; speaks directly about domestic terror against humanity, No apology or compensation given. Quite frankly, we can still hear the hateful speech of racism (Islamophobia) by a few elected officials and protest groups.

Thinking about documented but unspoken history; Al Islam has come to America in stages. Starting from the landings by Muslims before Columbus’ discovery, acknowledging and the freeing of African slaves upon their abilities of literacy and wrongfully captured or sold, the Noble Drew Ali’s era, the Nation of Islam movement, 1960s influx of Muslim brothers and sisters into the U.S. and most recently the 1975 reversion of African Americans embracing Al Islam.

Subsequently, the world is witnessing “a shift” within European culture embracing new ways of life, due to global diversity. Now America is feeling the same, “by 2050, the United States is projected to be a nation with no single racial group as a majority” (Uncommon Common Ground 2010), the melting pot, has melted.

(Here is my paragraph of sarcasm, but true) Are the Michelle Bachmannns feeling they will be surrounded and held accountable for the horrific history throughout white America’s historical background and treatment of humans… Are they afraid, a new diverse America is on the horizon that will not include their voice? It is people like Michelle Bachmannn, who give good white people a bad name. Wake up!

Are there good people and bad people, of course; but do you hold one accountable for the other?

It’s plain racism being spoken out their mouths against Muslims and it is plain is criminal activity perpetrated on the Sikh community. It was plain terrorism what happen at movie night in Auroa and a str8 demonic action to burn down places of worship. Is it arrogance or ignorance to keep ignoring these negative ongoing behaviors?

Should we hold all of White America accountable for those crimes committed by White Americans, then why keeping accusing America Muslims for !#$* we did not do.

Instead, we could accentuate our intelligence for developing effective relationships, alleviating the excuses for being social apprehensive against each other. We are not taking the time to know each other! It’s easy to point the finger – blame, accuse and slander. We have an opportunity to change and correct mistakes and create new possibilities.

You cannot blame Muslims and/or any race, religious group or sector of people for another person’s ignorance; Or Today’s American  officials should be held accountable for the Tuskegee experiment on African Americans, treatment of Native Americans and/or the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

Real Americans desire healthy lives, experience success, and have some Obama Care… These few Islamophobic Americans, should keep their racist comments and embrace humanity.

We now return you to your regular blog-ver-sa-tion program #createavoice

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