Every Thursday with the Ta’leef Collective


"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideals of leadership throughout¬† their work.After embracing a new understanding and perspective in 1998, I then was given guidance for a support group. My local place of worship and a foundation, helped further me with education and how to properly apply the knowledge into a healthy way of life (Deen), and I'm still a work in progress.Meet the Ta'leef Collective in Fremont, California; a space for many who recently embraced Al … [Read more...]

Wisdom Wednesday with Urban Voices

Downtown LA March

The world as is, once again is evolving and a new people will develop the world as it should be. It seems world leaders are no longer relevant with the people's best interest, self-interest overshadows their position. People are in need of effective brotherly leadership; leaders who desire to assist and help mankind, and can relate with grass-root issues. There's an urban cohort of citizens, holding U.S. public officials more accountable to domestic care, word and deed. New highways of … [Read more...]

Every Thursday with Ask a Muslim

Masjid Ibaadillah Community

"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideals of leadership throughout their work. "Ask A Muslim" is a web series that showcases the current face of Black Islam in America today, using questions from the street asked to Black Muslim Artists, Writers, Imams, and Cultural Observers. Find out more at Black Public Media/AskAMuslim (Black Public Media) Watch and enjoy this video blog-ver-sa-tions and next week it may be you, on Every Thursday!Follow us on … [Read more...]

Pause for this Brief Conscious Break


We break your regular blog-ver-sa-tion programming for... Our history is testimony to racism, bigotry and slanderIt is getting to a point, one half of the Muslim paradigm is being backed into a corner. Certain American citizens feel it is necessary to demoralize the Muslim character, as if their own historical presence shines any better. Spending countless marketing dollars on ads, that defame and are untrue about American Muslims.Let's overview the African American Muslim's history, as … [Read more...]

Wisdom Wednesday… the Passenger fasts

The Passenger

I have traveled to and from many locations, and have passed by Los Angeles best sites and landmarks. Between stops I tend to reflect on life's incidents, while staring out the metro's looking glass. On these rides I witness many different types of people. On this journey, I'm reflecting on the essence of having patience. Subsequently, I meet a stranger and we entertained my thoughts in a discussion. So he says, "I am on my way to an event, where I can show you what patience … [Read more...]

Wednesday’s Wisdom… Acknowledge Others & Build

Creativity is Intelligence having fun

It's said, "Leadership is taking action, where there is no action." A reminding definition to alleviate procrastination, become innovative and promote what is right than remaining in error or motionless. A leader acknowledges his/her team, recognizing their accomplishments; helping a colleague reach their next stage of development.Everyone desires success and it's experienced through various levels of growth. The training you are experiencing today, whether enjoyable or difficult; understand … [Read more...]

Random Thinking…


Hmmm ;-)... With all the current excitement, disappointments and news; still pay attention to the U.S. Presidential election campaign. Let's not let anything slip pass us. Do not become distracted!#createavoice … [Read more...]

Every Thursday with Sherman Jackson


"Every Thursday" will feature people of creativity and/or ideals of leadership throughout their work."Sherman A. Jackson, also known as Abdul Hakim, is an American scholar. He is the King Faisal Chair of Islamic Thought and Culture and Professor of Religion and American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California. He was formerly the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Visiting Professor of Law and Professor of Afro-American Studies at the University of … [Read more...]

Wisdom Wednesday…fast, revive and redevelop


Ramadan, the fasting month for Muslims worldwide.¬† A time where individuals reflect on reading Quran, internalize its meanings and try our best to implement its teachings into belief, purpose and a just social cause. Holding the rope of faith that is given to each individual, then at sunset breaking of the fast; to experience a feeling of appreciation. After 12 or 14 hours of fasting; a reality sets in and it tells you something like, "life is more precious than before...be thankful" What does … [Read more...]