Why I’m no fan of modern talk show style punditry

In case you haven’t heard, there’s an eclipse today.  We’re in Ohio, so we’ll see parts.  I chose not to get the glasses, that way good viewing is more likely. I did get my handyman hat on and made a viewer out of an old rice box (it actually works well, the ‘sun’ image is about the size of a dime).  We’ll do that, then just enjoy watching it get dark and imagining what it would have been like during an… Read more

I will not condone violence against White Supremacists

As long as this continues to be the default approach to dialogue in modern America: When that changes, then we can revisit the discussion.   Read more

The best response to Charlottesville so far

From Bishop Conley, of the Diocese of Lincoln, NE. We should all be disgusted by the racism of white supremacists. But hatred, expressed in anarchic violence, is the wrong response to injustice. Hatred begets hatred. Violence begets violence. Christians know that evil cannot overcome evil. Only grace can conquer evil. And we all say, “Amen.” Read more

Now it’s time to tear down monuments to Catholic saints

We all know that the legacy of Catholicism – up to Pope Francis at least – is one long tale of slaughter and terror.  So good citizens, following the eradication of the Confederacy, have begun to take it upon themselves to destroy the next layer of the Western Tradition.  Catholics who have rallied behind the eradication of the Confederacy’s legacy will no doubt support this action.  There are many Catholic saints whose lives are irredeemable, just like the Confederacy.  It’s… Read more

Navigating the narrow road between two hates

Mark Shea gets it.  As Christians, we take a different approach to ancient sins and new evils. Compare that to this, a post by one of the Antifa protesters at Charlottesville.  Someone pretty darn proud of the violence.  Again, the media has all but condoned violence at this point.  It has refused to cover the details, and has dismissed any notion that violence was wrong when aimed at the white supremacists. Of course, having been called a racist more than once through… Read more

So what is this Antifa we’re hearing about?

I avoided any sources remotely conservative to find out.  The last couple days have brought out some stories trying to set it right.  The first I found was WaPo, but it was a gushing, near orgasmic, love fest celebrating Antifa in all its pure and godlike glory. CNN actually had a better piece.  Basically, Antifa appears to be a group that says it reserves the right to use destruction and aggressive tactics when confronting the radical right.   That is,… Read more

This is how you fight evil

Words can’t express how much I love this man.  And he’s not a bad sousaphone player at that! This is how you fight evil.  You don’t repay evil with evil.  You don’t condone hate of the right people.  You don’t look askance at violence and destruction but remain silent when it’s convenient.  This isn’t to say Nazis are a joke or white supremacy should be laughed at.  No.   And yet, how disarming to show them for the buffoons they… Read more

Patricia Heaton blasts the Left’s emerging racial hygiene movement

In addition to staring in a TV comedy based loosely on my family, she is a pretty staunch defender of the pro-life brand in a setting most often set firmly in the side of pro-choice.  Can’t say I always agree with her take on things.  But she is a champion of reaching out to the poor and needy of the world.  It is through her FB pages that I first heard about the horrible African famine threatening millions (not, you… Read more

Tear down Joan of Arc!

Or so said the graffiti in the French Quarter.  At least they just wrote it and didn’t take it upon themselves to do it.  Eh.  Trump was, in his broken clock impersonation, right.  Where does it stop?   Already, another school has begun a petition to change the name from its racist slave owner.  Washington?  Jefferson?  Lincoln?  Kennedy?  King?  Indeed, where does it stop? This sort of thing isn’t new.  People have been destroying references to civilizations they renounce or… Read more

Down Syndrome is disappearing now that ableism is all the rage

In Iceland.   And other countries are following suit.  Of course it should sound familiar.  We’ve heard similar arguments before.  Downs Syndrome is a big target now, with a growing number of people following the view that it’s better to terminate an inconvenient life than deal with it.  It’s chilling.   It’s even worse that we, who spend our time spewing judgment on those who have come before, seem hellbent on repeating all of their most egregious mistakes. “Olafsdottir tells… Read more

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