Celebrities really need to stop joking about killing President Trump

So Johnny Depp, who more or less has been Jack Sparrow since The Black Pearl, made a not too thinly veiled suggestion about a good old assassination the way John Booth used to bake them.  His classic denial of the obvious, that was so crucial for us youngsters back in the day when it came to [Read More…]

The Free Expression paradox

In a nutshell.   Well said Mr. Goldberg. [Read more…]

In other free speech news

Frank Bruni, of the NYT, has finally thrown in the towel.  To all the spoiled college students who think the Pol Pot approach to free speech is the way to go, Mr. Bruni says ‘Nyet!’ There has been some reluctance to jump in and put the kibosh on students who thought  riots, physical assault and [Read More…]

The thought that we hate

The single best news this week came from the Supreme Court.  In an age where a disturbing number of Americans believe that certain rights and freedoms stop, not because they might in some way hurt society, but because they might offend me, the Court unanimously said ‘Nein!’ National Review has the story here.  Whew.  That [Read More…]

These two are not the same

I’ve seen these two stories connected over the last day or so.  In one story, a school teacher and adviser of the yearbook committee did a fine Stalin impersonation by erasing any mention of Donald Trump from yearbook pictures.  Statements on shirts or hats that were pro-Trump were inexplicably gone in the final product. In [Read More…]

The letter from the four Cardinals

Released.  There was quite a brouhaha when this came out.  First that there was a request for clarification at all, then because a letter was sent to Pope Francis requesting an audience. Truth be told, I typically stay out of the inside baseball stuff of Church polity. Every tradition has its Robert’s Rules, and I [Read More…]

RIP Otto Warmbier

Otto Warmbier, the student who was seized by the North Koreans a year and a half ago, has died.  It didn’t look good when he came back in a coma.  Most feared the worst.  Prayers for him, his family and loved ones.  God grant them strength and peace going forward.  A worst case nightmare for [Read More…]

When working with Islam

Talking to Muslims certainly doesn’t hurt.  But we should also talk to non-Muslims who live in Muslim majority regions.  And from Nigeria, to Yemen, to Syria, to Indonesia, I’ve worked with many over the years who have their own opinion about being the minority in a Muslim majority region.  Truth be told, their accounts typically sound more [Read More…]

Now this was funny

[Read more…]