To impeach Trump

Or not to impeach Trump.  That is the question.  Oh, wrong impeachment call.  I mean this is the question.

On the other side of the issue, there are still those defending Trump.  The strongest defense for Trump is that, as of now, there is still no actual evidence he’s done anything worthy of impeachment.  A truck load of accusations and bumbling responses does not equal evidence.

On the other hand, it’s starting to sound a lot like the famous 90s observation about the Clintons:  If Trump is innocent, then we’re talking about a whole lot of people from a whole lot of backgrounds who are part of the vast, anti-Trump conspiracy.

We’ll see.  It won’t be pleasant.  As much as I would have welcomed a one term Trump presidency, I don’t welcome impeachment.  Nixon was forced to resign in 1974.  Republicans abandoned ship when they saw the writing on the wall, and it was essentially a by-partisan conclusion to the scandal.  Yet we’ve still not recuperated from Watergate and its fallout.

Bill Clinton was impeached, but to diminish its impact we had to accept that presidents setting a moral example, including invoking outrage at sexual assault charges and perjury were so ‘yesterday’s big deal.’

I would suggest that if something ‘there’ turns out to be there in terms of evidence of criminal wrongdoing, the GOP and conservatives – certainly Christians who for whatever reason voted for Trump – had best jump ship in the manner of ’74.

If it turns out to be nothing?  I don’t know.  We’ll have to see.  I just remember my parents, Democrats both, being anything but happy with Nixon’s resignation, feeling that it was something that hurt, not just Nixon, but the country as a whole.  I fear if there is something like a forced resignation (or worse), it will be another step downward toward the end.  An end that our posterity, not we, will have to face.

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