Impeach Obama

Impeach Obama February 5, 2013

If Nixon, or Bush 43 were discovered to have granted themselves the imperial power to sweep away the rule of law and order the murder of American citizens–without evidence, arrest, trial, judge, jury, verdict or any form of civil protection on the basis of the President’s tyrannical will alone–the outcry would be greater than the hysteria over Clinton’s sex life.

But because Obama is the doyen of the Left (which, truth be told, thinks democracy is kind of a pain since it lets all those trailer park dwellers have as much a say in who shovels them around like concrete and experiments on them as Really Smart[TM] Harvard-educated Technocrats) the Left is silent and because the Right (which gave us the Patriot Act, expanded the Police State, and thinks Obama’s assassination policies are the only part of the War on Terror that are really kinda cool) the Right remains strategically quiet as well. So nobody says much when somebody leaks the Obama “rules” for murdering Americans in cold blood when our God King thinks they they need killin’.  Obama was a little worried for a time that the lawless power to slaughter who he pleases on his omnipotent will alone might fall into the wrong hands (i.e., Romney’s) and not remain in the hands of the Truly Enlightened.  But with his election secure, he is now back to confidently betraying his oath of office.

In a just world, this would be *ample* grounds for impeachment: far, far, far, more consequential then Clinton’s sleazy antics.  In our depraved politics though, neither party will do much, because at the end of the day, both parties covet the expansion of tyrannical power over the rest of us more than they care about the rule of law.  One day, that will come to a head and will be used by some practiced pol whose seared conscience has been burnished to a lustrous sheen, first to rub out political opponents (as “dangerous terrorists” of course), and then to establish as de facto what Obama has already made de jure: the tyrannical domination of the formerly free people of America by a Caesar who can ignore the rule of law and impose terror on all opposition without any consequence to himself.  Unless we resist.

Every American who cares about the rule of law and remaining safe from a lawless and tyrannical state should face and resist this.

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