Richard Feynman, a born teacher…

…gets us to think more deeply about magnets–and just to think more deeply: I’ve always thought Chesterton’s insight was helpful here: In fairyland we avoid the word “law”; but in the land of science they are singularly fond of it. Thus they will call some interesting conjecture about how forgotten folks pronounced the alphabet, Grimm’s Law. But Grimm’s Law is far less intellectual than Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The tales are, at any rate, certainly tales; while the law is not… Read more

Connecting the Dots on the True Cross, the Titulus…

…and the extraordinary weirdnesses of popular pieties throughout the ages, featuring T0m McDonald, Knower of All Arcana! For still more McDonaldian arcana, go here for The Mystery of the Copper Scroll, featuring an actual Treasure Map from none other than Qumran. When you dress like Indiana Jones and sport a kafiyah, you pretty much are born to be an International Man of Mystery: PS: If you are wondering what a Titulus is, it’s the sign designating the charges for which… Read more

Rebecca Hamilton is Back!

And in fighting trim, telling us very truly that “Judge Roy Moore’s Religious Apologists Do Not Speak for God”: What does a child — or an adult, for that matter — who has had their humanity ground into the dirt by the callous cruelty of another person who was more powerful than them keep their faith when their faith leaders abandon and even turn on them to support their attacker? The simplest and easiest connection for them to make is… Read more

That thing of when the Christian adulterous creeper

passionately decides to back the Christian pedo creeper when he finds out he’s a pedo creeper–just out of spite: Conservative Christian Trump and Moore supporters: The world does not reject you because you are like Jesus.  It rejects you because you are like Judas. “God’s Name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.” – Romans 2:24 By the way, it doesn’t *have* to be this way.  There are Christian conservatives with real integrity, such as Russell Moore: But the… Read more

The Parable of the Bridge

A couple of years ago, the I-5 bridge spanning the Skagit river collapsed. Suppose that, due to pressure groups working to limit the Department of Transportation’s power, the DOT was limited only to stretching a piece of tape across I-5 a hundred yards ahead of the bridge and handwriting on it: “BRIDGE OUT!” Technically, they would have “done something” about the danger of the bridge, though not enough to stop hundreds of cars from hurtling into the Skagit River anyway…. Read more

There could hardly be anything more deeply symbolic…

of the neglect and contempt which the President of the Gun Cult has for victims of mass shooting than this: After today’s slaughter in California, Dolt 45 tweeted out “condolences” about the slaughter from last week because he does not give a shit. This will go on for all time until the power of the NRA, the arms industry and the Gun Cult that backs them (and the President they adore) is smashed. It is the height of gall that… Read more

Juanita Broaddrick was Raped by Bill Clinton

and I believe her when she says so. At least three of my readers, having faked concern over our Sex Predator-in-Chief and Roy Moore, respond to this fact with “So what?  He’s not running for office!” or “I won’t care about this till conservatives become feminists” as though justice for rape victims is a bargaining chip in a culture war and not, you know, justice. It is incredible to me how much hypocrisy there is from Left and Right in… Read more

The Swine of Conservatism

Ross Douthat on the distinctive predators of cultural conservatism. As I post this, a fifth accuser has just come forward and Mitch McConnell has pivoted from “if he is is guilty” to “I believe the women.” Even Matt Walsh–Matt Walsh!–can see the obvious: Allred’s involvement is unfortunate but the accuser sounds credible and her story is horrific. We now have two accusers and dozens of corroborating sources. Neither accuser is being paid anything and neither was eager to tell their… Read more

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