The herd of conservative gun cultists have a new lying meme they are all repeating. You may have heard it: “The NRA has to be the only organization in the world that consistently gets blamed for crimes that its members did not commit.” Here’s reality: The NRA are accomplices to murder because they buy politicians whose job is to maintain the only legal regime in the world that absolutely assures that 35,000 people will be butchered by guns every single… Read more

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The reflexive response of the American Gun Cult, of course, is “What does Europe know?” Well, among other things, despite having more godless people and just as much mental illness, and just as many people with with wicked hearts and just as many video games and less prayer in schools and all the other things Christianist liars for the Gun Cult name as the *real* culprits of our gun slaughter epidemic, THEY DON’T HAVE OUR GUN SLAUGHTER EPIDEMIC. What they… Read more

Whenever there is a mass shooting, the Gun Cult immediately says that critics of our Gun Regime that enables mass shooting must be silent, “out of respect for the victims”. Decent people understand respect for victims does not mean “Shut up about trying to prevent the last slaughter.”  But the Gun Cult has no interest in the victims of this slaughter or the next.  Their first, last and only thought is, “Screw you. Don’t touch my gun.”  That, not gun… Read more

Fun fact: Nikolas Cruz got that all-important gun training that prevents shooting from his NRA-funded high school rifle club. Other fun fact: His sweet MAGA hat hid a brain full of racism and anti-semitism, which he trained at Jewish targets in particular at his school. Other fun fact: The NRA kept mum about Philando Castile’s murder because they knew it would upset their base of whites they have trained to fear blacks with guns, many of whom were passionately supportive… Read more

I’ll be speaking at St. John the Baptist parish at 7:00 PM about Our Lady tomorrow night, February 21.  Don’t miss it if you can! And I’ll be back next week, February 28 at 7:00 PM to talk about the Real Presence in the Eucharist! And then again on March 5 at 7:00 PM to talk about the catholic approach to reading the bible and to discuss the four senses of scripture. Don’t miss it if you can! Read more

She is in ICU with dangerously low sodium levels and they fear for her life. Father, grant Gloria complete healing in body, soul, and spirit.  Give her caregivers grace, compassion, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, skill, creativity, insight, understanding and the proper technology to assist in her complete healing and give her and all who love her grace, peace, consolation, strength, faith, hope, and love.  Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for her.  We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Read more

“The real problem is the human heart. Until we fix that, there is no point in passing gun laws” is, in fact, a profoundly anti-Christian statement. What the Church teaches and has always taught is that it is utterly delusional to believe that the human heart will be “fixed” in this life and that it is wildly imprudent to think that all, or even the majority, of human beings are likely to have progressed in holiness to sanctity in this… Read more

She suggests that we should all write our senators and congressmen to bring back the 20 week abortion ban for a vote and in exchange conservatives will give on the assault weapon ban again. I wonder if the fanatics on both sides will succeed in stopping such an eminently sensible proposal or if the reasonable people can see that this is win/win for everybody and beat them? I once offered a similar proposal–repeal both Roe and the Second Amendment–to see… Read more

My latest over at the Catholic Weekly. Here’s a taste: One of the paradoxes of life in liturgical Churches is the odd popularity of Ash Wednesday. People who resent the very idea of Holy Days of Obligation come in droves to the liturgy of Ash Wednesday, even though it is not a Holy Day. Indeed, they seem to come, almost because it is not a Holy Day. And I suspect that if the Church were to make it a Holy… Read more

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