The biggest consumers of Fake News are the Christianists and true believers who constitute the legion of FOX News and Talk Radio and Right Wing Noise Machine BS-spreaders. It is the faithful of the Party of Trump who are perpetually stampeded by panics du jour that are visible from space lies and fakery. Also, not coincidentally, Christianists spread and perpetuate a host of lies about the Holy Father. Read more

…and more than 200,000 students have experienced gun violence since then. Meanwhile, the only thing that has changed about the Gun Cult’s response to such slaughter is that it has perfected the art of smearing the victims with filthy lies that they are hoaxers who either never had children massacred at their schools, or that they willingly offered their children to be massacred so that Obama could Take Our Guns, or that the children themselves are “crisis actors” and liars,… Read more

In part two of my series at the Catholic Weekly, we take a look at the danger, to which even the apostles sometimes succumbed, of turning the Church into a club: Last time, we discussed my old Evangelical church’s attempt to create a Statement of Faith and my inadvertent discovery that we were a club, not a church.  We didn’t have a coherent belief.  We had clubbableness. The temptation to make Christianity a club is nothing new.  Indeed, it is… Read more

Fun fact:  Hemoglobin has 200 times the affinity for carbon monoxide that it has for oxygen.  That’s why giving oxygen to victims of carbon monoxide poison does nothing to help them. Under the right circumstances, hemoglobin gives up oxygen to your tissues and takes on carbon dioxide, which it in turn gives up in your lungs as you exhale and then inhale oxygen. But once it gloms on to carbon monoxide, it never lets go.  That red blood cell is… Read more

 Read more

Where Peter Is continues it’s look at the Number One Media Enemy of the Pope: Raymond Arroyo, perpetually-auditioning-for-FOX-News host of The World Over on the Network that Used to be EWTN: The second part of this series will take a somewhat different approach than part one. In the first article, I highlighted several of the more unsavory, politically-minded guests he invited to his program. Part two will focus on one recent (and representative) segment from The World Over Live, in which… Read more

Meanwhile, here is what has *really* been occupying the thoughts of the Mob Boss as he attempts to distract you by lobbing bombs.  Note how the childish little thug inserts the Syrian attack in the middle of his blathering about what he really cares about: Comey.  Killing people as a tool for distraction. #impeachmentnow Read more

I began writing this as we were leaving Cortez, Colorado (named for Hernan Cortez, Conqueror of Mexico and not to be confused with Cortex, Colorado, Home of the World’s Smartest People). You may notice that this is a considerable distance from Yosemite National Park. In addition, you may note that the last chronicle of these travels purported to include Day 8.  Technically, this was true, since we did not bed down at Indian Flats till after midnight on Day 8. … Read more

Abortions for rich Republicans.  Hanging for women forced to get them. Christians, in contrast, support Rachel’s Vineyard and believe in justice for crooks like Trump and his henchmen. Read more

Awoke to drenching, soaking, torrential, endless, pouring rain on Friday April 6.  Started writing the second entry of this account. Didn’t get far because Jan, bless her heart, had made us this awesome sausage and egg concoction wrapped in an inner layer of flour tortilla and an outer layer of THE MOST MAJESTIC REDWOOD FOREST ON THE PLANET.  It was delicious and, per our custom, I washed up.  Then we took advantage of the 75 cent showers and washed ourselves… Read more

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