…at Christendom College–and of the College’s failure to address them: What does the handbook say? The school apparently based its response on two facts: First, there was, in 2011, no clause in the student handbook prohibiting sexual assault. Amanda Graf, the current Director of Student Affairs at Christendom, confirms that student handbook did not include a policy against sexual assault until 2013, two years after Smith reported her rape. Second, the rape occurred off campus; and so the school considered itself helpless… Read more

on Connecting the Dots about magic and science: Read more

…to have lying sex predator who paid off porn star to help annihilate the last remaining shreds of “prolife” credibility today. Donald Trump, who has appointed a SCOTUS justice who describes Roe v Wade as “settled law”, will today purchase Christianist approval for another five Planned Parenthood refundings, as well as for mass deportations, destruction of innocent families, lies in defense of porn star fornications (“He’s just like King David, and besides, I didn’t vote for a saint–and check out… Read more

…by the Christianist “prolife” movement use of the unborn as human shields for making war on the rest of the Church’s prolife teaching: Arkansas Right to Life has chosen as the keynote speaker for the rally a person who has good anti-abortion credentials but otherwise is decidedly not an appropriate pro-life speaker, namely Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, who this last year worked tirelessly to secure the execution of four criminals who posed no further threat to society. You will recall… Read more

This goes far to bridge the ridiculous divide between those Catholics who focus on the prolife issue alone and those who focus on the rest of the Church’s social teaching.  There *is* no divide in the mind of Christ and the cannot be one in ours: As the 45th anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision and the annual March for Life in Washington approach this week, the Jesuit Conference of the United States and Canada issued an updated statement… Read more

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The fruit of our civilizing mission to New Zealand is abundant and glorious! Read more

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