How Not to Help the GOP

Be a political figure and post this:Then, by way of apology to your Missouri constituents, explain that "at one time I was a very active Republican".No. Really:Here's the thing, Mr. Tinsley. Good job attempting the apology. I think your heart was in the right place and that you are sorry. But when you feel compelled to explain that your reasoning for why you posted this stuff includes an implicit assertion that "active Republicans" really go for the old black people with … [Read More...]

Behold! Our God King Holds the Power of Arbitrary Life and Death!

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A Correspondence with a Reader about Occult Stuff

The occult is something where I am mostly out of my depth, particularly when it comes to the Church's pastoral responses. My passing acquaintance with it has come from press clippings from the (I think) wildly dubious and unreliable Fr. Gabriele Amorth, whom many Catholics mysteriously trust despite massive reasons not to do so, and from conversations with a diocesan exorcist I know (who seems to me to be much more reliable). Beyond that have been a few experiences of my own and friends with … [Read More...]


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Ethics and Bioethics

Much of the modern and post-modern project of ethics differs from Catholic ethics in this:  The Church asks (among other things) how can we avoid harming and killing as much as possible and emphasize what makes for human flourishing?  Our culture asks "When do we *get* to harm and kill humans?"  I wi … [Read More...]

My Big Profound Spiritual Revelation… revealed over at the Register. … [Read More...]

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) is Awesome

It's long (and a bit rude here and there, like the Bard himself), but fantastic:A fine way to spend an hour and a half on Labor Day! … [Read More...]

Dear Bishops: Remember St. Dominic

Once, when he visited the pope, the Holy Father showed off some of his bling and remarked "Peter can no longer say, 'Silver and gold I do not have.'" To which the pithy saint replied "Neither can he say, 'Rise and walk.'"Here's the deal: I totally agree with Dorothy Day that when it comes to … [Read More...]

This Speaks to Me at a Deep Visceral Level

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Extremely Kewl Science!

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Surprisingly accurate take on the Jesuits…

...from CNN.Of course, they aren't the Dominicans, but nobody's perfect. … [Read More...]

Walk Off the Earth on How it Feels to Going to Our Hidden Island Redoubt

You kids don't put no beans up your noses while I'm gone! … [Read More...]


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Fr. Robert Barron on Woody Allen’s Bleak Vision

            I was chagrined, but not entirely surprised, when I read Woody Allen’s recent ruminations on ultimate things.  To state it bluntly, Woody could not be any bleaker in regard to the issue of meaning in the universe.  We live, he said, in a godless and purposeless world.  The earth came into … [Read More...]

CNN Keeps on Giving Francis…

remarkably good coverage. … [Read More...]

British cops overlook child sex trafficking ring…

...because they didn't want to look racist. And by "racist" they meant "critical of Muslims".The Church is caught between two diseased forms of spirituality: a watery secular spirituality that preserves in distorted and dilute forms certain virtues about "tolerance" and "diversity" out of the … [Read More...]

A reader writes a very kind letter about Mary, Mother of the Son

Sez he: I am a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Seattle starting my first year of the theology at Mount Angel Seminary. I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for your trilogy, Mary Mother of the Son. Even though I grew up praying the rosary every night with my family and was … [Read More...]

Gun instructor hands nine year old girl an Uzi

Now he's dead.So horrible.This is a prolife issue. … [Read More...]

The Foggy Mysticism of Pro-Choice Rhetoric

I'm told that Christians hate science and go for mystical mumbo jumbo. But when the topic turns to abortion, it's fascinating that prochoice rhetoric instantly turns to blather about the "mystery" of when human life begins and what human life is: all that stuff that is just so far above Obama's pay … [Read More...]

For those interested in the plight of refugees…

Kirk Morrison writes: Kirk from the American Solidarity Party and Christian Democracy Magazine here.Just wanted to pass along an initiative we're working on and your readers might also be interested in. I should add (although it should go without saying) that we support refugee status for the … [Read More...]