Long ago, the Commies used to speak of suckers in the west as “useful idiots”. In the 20s, there was Anna Louise Strong, who was well described by Malcolm Muggeridge as “an enormous woman with a very red face, a lot of white hair, and an expression of stupidity so overwhelming that it amounted to a kind of strange beauty”. In the 30s, there was Stalin’s Apologist: Walter Duranty. And so on, right up till the fall of the Iron… Read more

Whenever Trump does something so disgusting  even his most devoted liars in his base are temporarily silenced while they think up a new lie to defend him, and have to play for time by expressing a bit of fake outrage at him until they can regroup and press on, he will offer a phony “clarification”–and then within 24 hours he will resume the disgusting course of action or lie and the pack of liars who support him will quietly fade… Read more

“He kept us out of war!” is the new agreed-upon lie of the Lie Machine: Three important notes: The last person who made this a slogan was Woodrow Wilson.  A month after his inauguration, he led us into World War I. With Trump, accusation is *always* a form of confession.  Do the math. Nobody is calling for war with Russia. We are calling for you to be removed from office as the enemy of the United States, traitorous con man… Read more

He writes I hope you and your family are doing well. I’m a long-time reader of your books and blog. In fact, your book BY WHAT AUTHORITY? was one of the final pushes to my own crossing the Tiber. J Thanks be to God! Anyway, I was hoping you might have a few moments to share your thoughts on something that has little do with theology or current events. To explain … I lived in the Seattle / Tacoma area… Read more

“I didn’t mean to punch you so many times, baby.  It’s just that you make me so mad sometimes.   Come on.  You know I love you, dollface.  Now let me back in or so help me you’ll get worse next time.  Hey! I’m *just kidding*!  Now let me in, you stupid sow!” America is on the phone to mom, explaining that she really loves him and thinks maybe he really means to turn over a new leaf this time. It… Read more

On #Cavuto, Senator @RandPaul said that he saw the summit between President @realDonaldTrump and Russian President Putin as "renewing engagement and renewing open lines of conversation." pic.twitter.com/GY5UqknMVL— Fox News (@FoxNews) July 17, 2018 When Trump shocks the Right Wing Lie Machine with the latest indefensibility, it typically takes them about 24 hours or so to come up with the Lie Strategy to agree upon and use. This is the Lie Strategy that is emerging: The GOP as the Party of… Read more

So a week or two ago, I was talking about how the “prolife” movement had long ago abandoned being prolife in favor of using the unborn as human shields for all the anti-life stuff it actually cares about: I am actually old enough to remember the genesis of the Prolife Movement and how it settled on its branding.  Back in the 70s, as it was first starting to germinate, opponents of abortion were criticized by those defending abortion as being… Read more

McCain has registered his genuine disgust with Trump’s traitorous suckupery to Putin and his spittle directed at our intelligence and law enforcement communities.  McConnell has pretended to care.  So has Ryan.  Other GOP accomplices have made the proper noises.  Even FOX could not dig down deep inside and find the lies necessary to excuse Trump’s repulsive performance (though I’m sure Hannity will find a way.  Even Gingrich made a feint of pretending to care (while offering Trump a clear sign… Read more

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Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 16, 2018 The Atlantic naively declares that the treasonous Party of Trump must choose between Trump and their country, like they haven’t already done that two years ago. Vote this pack of traitors out in November.  Keep destroying them every two years until there is nothing left of them. Read more

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