Off to our Hidden Island Redoubt!

Back Tuesday!  Have a good Memorial Day Weekend! … [Read More...]

Blunting Caesar’s Sword

A brief look at the history of the Church's conflicted relationship with Caesar's power to kill, aka Part V of my series on the death penalty at The Catholic Weekly. … [Read More...]

The Immense Gamble the GOP is Taking… in leaving a massively incompetent, stupid, and unstable narcissist in command of the mightiest military and national security state in the history of the world and betting that there will not be some really serious crisis not of his own making. The crises this buffoon has already visited on his party and his country have badly shaken a party so corrupt that it is having trouble figuring out that he needs to go.What happens if something serious occurs, like a major terrorist attack? … [Read More...]

Not a Normal Human

After very intelligently confirming that he betrayed Israeli assets to the Russian while standing next to a mortified Netanyahu, one of the three or four smartest Presidents in the whole history of everything (according to Newt Gingrich) went to Yad Vashem and continued Operation Charm Offense or Offensive Charm or something like that.On the left, via @RaoulWootliff, the note Trump just left at Yad Vashem.'So amazing!'On the right, the note Obama left at Yad Vashem. … [Read More...]

The Latest Connecting the Dots is Here!

Doug O'Brien and I take a look at how a Catholic should respond to the latest assaults on normality and common human decency and intelligence: … [Read More...]

Another address was given for Commencement at Notre Dame

It's well worth hearing.That is authentic Catholic preaching right there. … [Read More...]

John Oliver Brings Us Up to NSFW Speed

Of course, left unmentioned is that absurdity of Trump sucking up to the Saudis (whom he once attacked for "pushing gays off buildings").After giving a speech designed to make his base of believers think he was talking tough about Radical Islamic terrorism (but which has failed to do the job for … [Read More...]

Good for Mayor Landrieu

Here's part of the transcript:The historic record is clear: the Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and P.G.T. Beauregard statues were not erected just to honor these men, but as part of the movement which became known as The Cult of the Lost Cause. This ‘cult’ had one goal — through monuments and th … [Read More...]

Somebody gave a computer the job…

of coming up with new paint color names. The results killed me: … [Read More...]

Why are Medieval Manuscripts filled…

with raging armed rabbits?Anya was troubled by this question too: … [Read More...]

Joshua Svaty is a prolife Democrat running for Governor of Kansas

The state of Kansas has been reduced to smoking ruin by the Republican ideologues who have doggedly insisted that, though their catastrophic policies do not work in reality, still they work in theory, and that's all that matters.So now a Democrat who is prolife, but not an insane libertarian, is … [Read More...]

A reader from Across the Pond…

...writes an impassioned pro-life plea to his fellow Brits.Plus, he calls himself "Ronan the Contrarian" so I automatically like him. … [Read More...]

Drug Addiction and the Impoverished Soul

My friend John Barnes on the emptiness that some try to numb with drugs. … [Read More...]

It is the doom of the Party of Trump

To do everything they accuse their culture war enemies of: … [Read More...]

Pence: Pope of the Church of Liars for Jesus

Richard Cohen speaks the truth: the problem has never been Trump.  It is the deeply cynical Liars for Jesus and gaggle of self-serving crooks who enabled a clown that would otherwise still be starring in a stupid reality show to endanger the US and the whole world.  It is the low-information dolts t … [Read More...]

37 Years Ago

I was sound asleep while this was happening about 180 miles south of me:Sixty some people died that day. Eternal memory. … [Read More...]

Massively Ignorant Bigot and Garrulous Buffoon-in-Chief…

...will give a major speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia.And it's going to be written by the unbelievably creepy Steve Miller, author of the "American Carnage" inaugural address and a massive Muslim-baiting, police state thug.What could possibly go wrong? … [Read More...]

Fatima and a theological reading of history

Bishop Robert Barron on the historic nature of the Christian faith and the insistence that history is ultimately His story: the outworking of the purposes of God in the vast drama and tangle of human history.It is a particularly challenging thing to believe, particularly in an era of history in … [Read More...]

Conservative Christianity is Now Everything it Once Hated

Post-modern, morally relative, and post-truth.That is the development I never anticipated in the 90s when I blithely assumed that conservative Christians were the antidote to the postmodern, relativist and post-truth stuff I was hear from the Left in the academy.Instead, what has happened is … [Read More...]

Bob Mueller in as Special Prosecutor

Everything seems to indicate this guy is the genuine article and the Trump White House has every reason to tremble with fear.Good. … [Read More...]

So Here’s Something Fun for the Comboxes!

I sit in a room, staring into space. Periodically, I type things to strangers and hope they don't hate me for doing that.What do you do? … [Read More...]

New U.S. Leader Appointed for World’s Largest Prayer Network

This is a hopeful sign:For Immediate Release (Washington, D.C., May 15, 2017) — The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (PWPN) has announced that Jesuit Father William Blazek will become its U.S. national director next month, succeeding current director Jesuit Father James Kubicki. Founded as the Ap … [Read More...]