A Washington Thanksgiving

What is there to say to God for the family, the world and the life he has given me but, "Thank you!"God bless you this Thanksgiving! … [Read More...]

“Connecting the Dots” is coming up at 5 PM Eastern

on Bread Box Media!Today, it's Thanksgiving, so we will be running a Best of Connecting the Dots! Have a Great Thanksgiving!You can listen in on line here.  You can get the download of archived shows as podcasts here. … [Read More...]

“Connecting the Dots” is on the Air Today at 5 PM Eastern!

"Connecting the Dots" is coming up at 5 PM Eastern on Bread Box Media!Today, I'm yakking with Rod Bennett!  Feel free to join the conversation by calling 1-573-4BREAD4!You can listen in on line here.Go here if you want to check out the podcast archive. … [Read More...]

Good News! We Can Now Visit the Embalmed Body of Jesus

All you need is permission from the Vatican's Double Super Secret Stuff Permissions Department and they will let you go see Jesus' body, which is guarded by Muslims.I'm really glad Francis is reforming this difficult process so that more ordinary Catholics, and not just bishops and cardinals, can go and pay their respects.  It's so good that Some Guy With a Keyboard is alerting us to these Really True Facts that He Researched. … [Read More...]

A Returning Catholic Expresses Her Gratitude for Holy Church

She writes: You did a masterful job in your reply to this poor soul who expressed his questioning faith. As a Catholic who left the Church( regretfully)  almost 50 years ago and have now  returned, (I must say joyfully). My questions, my searching, my reluctance –all have evaporated in the face of o … [Read More...]

Daniel and the Great Unveiling

Bishop Robert Barron takes a scriptural look at this time of reflecting on death, endings, and the renewal of all things in Christ. … [Read More...]

A Seventh Day Adventist writes:

I was raised Catholic. I can tell of your forthrightness after reading your article where you mention Maciel. I know some of his story. Thank you! Also, you use the Bible text, and for that reason, I am sending you the next thought:An understanding of the revealed will of God enlarges the … [Read More...]

“Connecting the Dots” is on at 5 PM Eastern

...on Bread Box Media, and you can stream it here.My Tuesday co-host, Tom McDonald will be here to yak about theological arcana and crack me up. Fun times!Give us a call and join the fun at 1-573-4BREAD4 or tweet us @breadboxmedia.And check out the podcast archives of past shows. … [Read More...]

An Evangelical Struggles with the Obvious New Testament Witness to Non-Violence

...in a piece that ran about a month ago asking whether Jesus would wear a sidearm.One of the many places that Evangelicalism owes a massive debt to Catholic Tradition is its blithe assumption that Just War Doctrine is easily derivable from the witness of the New Testament. That's not because … [Read More...]

Speaking of St. Junipero Serra, Retired Staff Sgt. Dale Day writes…

I wrote about a Catholic saint and I'm not even Catholic!Why?Because Junipero Serra has always fascinated me since I was growing up in Southern California.Even back in the '50s and '60s, schools taught that the Spaniards who invaded California were cruel taskmasters who enslaved and … [Read More...]

A Guest Blog on St. Junipero Serra

Seems fitting for the day! On November 24, 1713, Miguel Jose Serre i Ferrer, son of Antoni and Margarita, was born in Petra, Mallorca, Spain and baptised at San Bernardino Church.Junípero Serra took his baptismal promises very seriously and lived them to a heroic degree. He knew struggle and … [Read More...]

Dear Mr. Trump: When Even Max Boot Says You’re a Fascist

...you're a fascist. … [Read More...]

A reader writes about Muslims as Natural Allies

...against ISIS: It has been very refreshing to read all your commentary and defense of refugees in the midst of all the crazy post-Paris hand-wringing.I write to tell you about an experience that backs up what you have been insistent in saying: that the refugees (and indeed, most Muslims) hate … [Read More...]

“Connecting the Dots” on Bread Box Media at 5 PM Eastern

...here. Join me and Simcha Fisher (whose blogs you can read here on Patheos or over at the Register).Feel free to call in and join the conversation at 1-573-4BREAD4, or tweet us @breadboxmedia.For the rest of the "Connecting the Dots" podcast archive, go here. … [Read More...]

Meanwhile, Ben Carson Follows Trump into Cheering for Torture

The anti-abortion-but-not-prolife Right continues to poison the gospel with love of mortal sin. … [Read More...]

Yes, Donald Trump is a Fascist

...but the far more important fact is that his base is a pack of fascists too.Movement Conservatism has created a monster it does not know how to control--and is *still* in denial about it.  These people are a menace to the Church, the country, and the world. … [Read More...]

Hilarious Ad for Confession

This killed me: … [Read More...]

Genius Takes Many Forms

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Jimmy Akin on Francis…

...on Lutherans and Communion. Jimmy is his typically lucid self.I think Francis is struggling with this. As did Benedict.  Benedict, recall, gave communion to Br. Roger of Taize, who was not a Catholic.I realize this is all cut-and-dried for a lot of Catholics, but I think it is a real s … [Read More...]

Good Ends Do Not Justify Evil Means

Consequentialism is the most popular heresy on the planet.  We discuss it over at the Register. … [Read More...]

Some Music for a Rainy November Day

Just cuz... … [Read More...]


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