A reader writes: I hope you’re keeping well! I’m writing because I wanted to let you know about some religious sisters (Sisters of the Immaculata) in Tasmania, Australia who are currently trying to raise money to buy land for a convent. They need to raise $295,000 (Australian, so slightly less in US dollars haha) by March 21, which is less than a week away! So far they have raised over $32,000 thanks to school teachers, students, priests and other people… Read more

…and not brown or a Muslim at all.  Who could possibly have anticipated that? Indeed, the Austin bomber was the archetypal white male Christianist “prolife” conservative: Homeschooled, domineering, went to a little Evangelical Church. With all the standard-issue views of a Trumpian. In 2012, when he was 17 years old, Austin bombing suspect Mark Conditt laid out his political views in a series of blog posts he wrote for an Austin Community College course on U.S. government. No motive for the… Read more

…two popes and all the bishops of the world said invading Iraq was a massively stupid idea that did not meet the criteria for Just War–and that it would result in calamity. American conservative Christianists said, “Screw ’em.  Let’s go!” and embarked on a catastrophe for which we are still paying a steep cost and for which millions of people in the region have paid with their lives. Naturally, in atonement for this crime against humanity, we are now telling… Read more

The idea that Dems are all lockstep pro-choice zealots took a beating yesterday as Dan Lipinski won out over an attempt to crush the prolife witness in Democrat ranks. One wonders if the Dems will learn anything from this. Meanwhile in the freak show that is now the Party of Trump, the Republican winner was an actual bona fide genuine Nazi. No.  I’m not violating Godwin’s Law.  The guy really is a Nazi. He tried five times to get the… Read more

Winnipeg woman gives eggnog and ginger snaps to burglar On that cold winter day, her back door was swinging wide open, her belongings from her basement were scattered in her upstairs kitchen and an old jacket she owned was outside in the snow. Ross panicked, called her neighbours, the church across the street and 911. “I was freaking out. My heart rate like soared and my Fitbit had tracked it so I later saw … that my heart rate went… Read more

…and nobody notices or cares. If you want to help Puerto Rico, Charity Navigator is a hugely helpful site for sorting the reliable relief organizations from the scams.  Please do what you can to pitch in.  Your generosity has always been phenomenal.  Please help the people of Puerto Rico recover from this disaster. Read more

A Church opens its pews to homeless people who just need to sleep: Lack of sleep is one of the most critical health issues for the homeless. An average of 225 homeless people seek safety and rest on the pews in the sanctuary of St. Boniface church in San Francisco every day, thanks to The Gubbio Project. The Gubbio Project was co-founded in 2004 by community activists Shelly Roder and Father Louis Vitale as a non-denominational project of St. Boniface… Read more

I’m so happy to see this!  A blog by orthodox Catholics who like Francis and don’t take every occasion where he clears his throat or moves his index finger as an opportunity to shriek, declare him a heretic, speculate about his evil motives and suggest that they both do not understand him, but are also certain that it is the intention of his black heart to destroy the Church. Here’s piece about last week’s Panic du Jour from the Francis… Read more

Christians agree with the Church that the point is not to ask when we get to kill people.  They ask when we have to kill and how we can spare life and treat people humanely. Christianists say that abortion is the core issue but will devote their actual time and energy to defending Trump’s plan to imitate Duterte and kill dealers.  Because Christianists *love* the death penalty and labor to maximize the number of poor and brown people the state… Read more

…and how you know which books belong in the Bible. Hint:  Who gets to decide what pictures go in your family photo album and by what authority to they get to do that? Read more

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