Rebecca Hamilton on How to Defund Planned Parenthood–If We are Serious

She first asks the question:You know the story: Godly Republicans tried to defund Planned Parenthood, but Demonic Democrats stopped them. Or, maybe that other verse: Woman-hating Republicans tried to destroy women’s health care and Courageous Democrats stood tall against them. Everybody wins with this one. Planned Parenthood wins. The Republicans win with their newly-minted campaign issue. Democrats win with their continuing cash support from ardent pro-aborts. Everybody wins. Except the ba … [Read More...]

More on the Allegorical Sense of Scripture

You can find out more by reading Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did. Or, if you prefer to get it on Kindle, you can find it here.Listen to Connecting the Dots live Monday through Friday at 5 PM Eastern here. … [Read More...]

Steve Greydanus and I Gab About Guns and Hollywood

He wrote a typically perceptive piece, which occasioned this discussion: … [Read More...]

Saved by Christ, not Rules

In which we discuss the fact that the heart of the Catholic faith is relationship with Jesus--and instantly earn a charge of heresy from a combox bishop. … [Read More...]

“He’s just saying what we’re all thinking”

The Frankenstein Id Monster base of the GOP don't seem to get that this is the most damning self-indictment they could possibly give to the world. … [Read More...]

Just a little reminder that the Seamless Garment is still perfectly valid

...and a handy synthesis of Catholic social teaching.One of the reasons Francis is so feared and loathed by some on the right is that he constantly reminds us of this fact. … [Read More...]

The Allegorical Sense of Scripture

You can find out more by reading Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did. Or, if you prefer to get it on Kindle, you can find it here.Listen to Connecting the Dots live Monday through Friday at 5 PM Eastern here. … [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I need prayers for getting myself out of a financial hole. I made some bad personal judgements and thought I could get myself out of it. Instead, I made it worse. I don't want to file for bankruptcy as I freely admit I messed it up myself. I'm requesting prayers for the strength to … [Read More...]

Abp. Chaput Warns about Church Militant and Lepanto Institute

Freakout in 3... 2....1:"Both Lepanto and Church Militant sow division wherever they tread. They do not seem to acknowledge the need to work with civic society and its representatives on a project like the World Meeting of Families. And we are not going to spend/waste time arguing with them. … [Read More...]

Black Pastors Demand Removal of Sanger Bust from Smithsonian

What fun to watch Lefties try to defend the old racist and whitesplain to these guys that she's a hero--just like, y'know, Nathan Bedford Forrest.She should no more be honored by the state than a Confederate flag should be flying over a state house. … [Read More...]

Help Replace a Murder Inc. Chop Shop with an Actual Women’s Clinic

This looks like a worthy goal: A reader writes:As more videos are released about Planned Parenthood and America begins to see the truth, we now more than ever need to ensure women have access to quality care and compassionate alternatives to abortion. Our goal through this GoFundMe campaign is … [Read More...]

Marco Rubio is Right

The Life of a New Human Being Begins at ConceptionOr, as Atheists for Life puts it: "For the embryology textbook tells me so."It is pro-aborts, not theists, who have to ignore the science go all wooly and mystical about "when ensoulment occurs" in order to rationalize the killing of human … [Read More...]

Philly inmates create carved chair for papal visit

Very nice craftsmanship.  And fitting, particularly for this pope. … [Read More...]

Rod Dreher Pens a Really Fine Piece

"My People, Black and White" … [Read More...]

In case it’s not clear, Planned Parenthood is still evil

...and joking about shipping freshly severed babies heads is the mark of a civilization crying out to heaven for vengeance.Lord have mercy!  Christ have mercy!  Lord have mercy! … [Read More...]

Everybody is Talking about the Grisly Video Exposing our Culture of Death

So many people have seen it and said, "Maybe *now* people will stop responding to the horror that is happening all over America countless times every day.  Maybe now they will stop saying 'Oh well, there's nothing you can do.  And besides it's my *right*!'  Maybe now they will finally stop making ex … [Read More...]

Bill Doino, Jr. on the Pope’s Upcoming Visit to America

In which he is, as I am, banking on it being a big success, even as there are likely to be some who will exploit the papal visit, for their own purposes--something to watch for--but he (and I) have confidence Francis will outmaneuver them, and ultimately win the day with the American public. … [Read More...]

Robert George writes on Polyamory

Sez he:I’m sharing with you a piece I’ve posted at The American Interest on a subject that I’ve addressed in the past only cursorily. I (I think) that there really is no principled way of resisting the argument for the legal recognition of polyamorous partnerships as marriages, if one abandons t … [Read More...]

Praise Report and Prayer Request

A reader writes: Praised be Jesus Christ - now and forever praised! I am happy to write with this (still anonymous) praise report.The Shea Army came through with their prayers for intercession. I have secured some long-term part-time work which will ease the present burden substantially. It … [Read More...]

Bishop-Elect Barron on Stephen Colbert, J.R.R Tolkien, John Henry Newman…

...and the Providence of God.I have remarked in this space in the past that Colbert is a garden variety lefty Catholic who really, albeit imperfectly, believes the Catholic faith.  This has miffed some of my more culture war readers, for whom opposition to abortion takes away the sin of the … [Read More...]

The Internet: The #1 Argument Against Universal Suffrage

Look on its works, ye mighty, and despair. … [Read More...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Please pray for deep conversion of heart for a young man with a lot of bitterness and unforgivenness that needs dealing with. Father, hear our prayer for this man through your Son Jesus Christ.  Grant him the grace of forgivenness for the wrongs done him and give him the faith, … [Read More...]