Ol’ Dot’s canonization is still active, and we have never needed a saint like her more: a woman at once deeply Catholic, deeply counter-cultural, and deeply American in the very best sense of the word.   And she was a tough broad who didn’t hold with the celebrity stuff, as every real saint always does. She was fierce advocate for the least of these who didn’t fall for the Judas Iscariot line about stripping the Churches of beauty and giving the… Read more

It’s been a helluva week for the American Church. The hideous scabs ripped off the Churches in Pennsylvania are terrible beyond description. And we all know that there is more to come, not only across America, but across the globe. Sure, the crimes are old ones for the most part. The reforms in the Mid-00s did make real progress, which is why we no longer seeing abusers being shuffled around, but given the boot after the institution of those reforms…. Read more

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For endless eons, Mother Earth has strained Heavenward. Strange sea life with new-minted eyes bumping weird heads on the surface pane of sky. Crawling fish on stump legs squinted at the sun and, driven by some bone-deep call, pushed on through ages to branch and breed: groping for life, for Word, for a Home-leap to the End that was Before there was Need. It all came to the bitter needle’s point in her: a Yes who assented to bear forth… Read more

All the warnings in the gospels are given, not to Those Unbelievers Over There but to the Church and, above all, to the Church’s ministers.  Consider this saying: “Let your loins be girded and your lamps burning, and be like men who are waiting for their master to come home from the marriage feast, so that they may open to him at once when he comes and knocks. Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes;… Read more

And it is spelled pretty well in this video: Yep. I’m aware of who Reza Aslan is and the crappy work he has done on Jesus. Irrelevant. Stop with the genetic fallacy already. The points he makes here are sound and solid. And they do not, alas, apply only to white Evangelicals. They apply to white conservative Catholics too, many of whom parrot the same cult of personality junk about Trump and many of whom exercise the same consequentialist logic… Read more

I love the artwork, by John Herreid:   You can visit his website here. Oodles of fun! Read more

She writes: I was struck by something as I read recently, and I have a question. Following the global outcry about what has been taking place recently on the US-Mexico border, the writer was bemoaning the loss of the US as a moral compass for the world, as the leader of the free world, He seems to wonder what other country, or who else, could exert a similar influence, and to worry that lacking such a model, there could be… Read more

He writes: I’ve read some of your stuff and listened to your journey from Protestant to Catholicism. Pleased to meet you! I myself am a non-denominational Christian and a youth pastor. My heart is for the One Universal Church to come together so that there is less division within Christianity. That is so beautiful. You give me great hope! That doesn’t happen without the Holy Spirit being at work in your life. But, something that is really hard to reconcile… Read more

is up at The Catholic Weekly: To be sure, there are those who painstakingly make their way to belief in one God via the route of philosophical argument. Indeed, we meet some of these people in the pages of the New Testament, where they are known by the technical title of ‘God-fearer’ (cf. Acts 10:2; 22; 13:16; 26). These were formerly polytheistic Gentiles who had come to believe in the one God of Israel and who were in various stages… Read more

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