Holy Thursday

We are meant to feel that his life was in that sense a sort of love affair with death, a romance of the pursuit of the ultimate sacrifice. From the moment when the star goes up like a birthday rocket, to the moment when the sun is extinguished like a funeral torch, the whole story moves on wings with the speed and direction of a drama, ending in an act beyond words. Therefore the story of Christ is the story of a journey, almost in the manner of a military march; certainly in the manner of the … [Read More...]

Liars for Jesus denounced

The jig is up for Bob Sungenis and Rick Delano as a whole bunch more of the scientists they lied into participating in their quack geocentrism movie join Lawrence Krauss and Kate Mulgrew in denouncing them for the misrepresenting frauds they are. I wonder if the backers of this fraudulent project are going to demand their money back or just bull their way through this, claiming a conspiracy against them by Shadowy Forces and Jewish bankers? The impressive feat is that the film has heaped … [Read More...]

Maria Divine Mercy…

...is a quack, a fraud, and a false prophet. Ignore her. … [Read More...]

Blast from the Past

Does anybody else remember the Nihil Obstat blog, devoted entirely to correcting the grammar and punctuation of other Catholic blogs? Good times. Good times. … [Read More...]

Pure Awesome

Darth Vader's lines. Winnie the Pooh's voice. … [Read More...]

Devastatingly Accurate

[Read More...]

Glorious and Awesome!

I've wasted my life. … [Read More...]

From the Golden Hours of My Misspent Youth I Give You a Fond Memory

Behold! The "Rutabaga Boogie"! … [Read More...]

Ancilla Domini…

...continues her post-abortion walk.  Keep her in your prayers. … [Read More...]

An Atheist Argues for Religious Liberty

More like this guy please. … [Read More...]

Interesting Question About the Sacrament of Marriage

A reader writes: I have enthusiastically read your blog for some time now. I greatly enjoy it. Anyway, I hope you can answer a question I've been struggling with. As I was pondering the sacrament of confirmation, and how the Eastern Church delivers it to infants, it led me to a particular point … [Read More...]

A reader struggles with a failure

He writes: I really feel bad and ashamed of myself tonight. What happened is when I got home tonight from work the first thing I did was to get a load of clothes going in the wash after that I started to prepare dinner thinking to myself that I have some important mail coming. As I said, I … [Read More...]

Wait for it

The penny will drop. … [Read More...]

Life and Death

When my father died in November 1983, it was a sudden and shocking blow that come right in the middle of Jan and my preparations for our marriage in December. The wedding (and Christmas) were profoundly healing reminders of life and grace, though emotionally it was a huge roller coaster. God, … [Read More...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: Tuesday morning 15th April at 9:30AM (New Zealand Standard Time - would be, I think, 2:30PM Monday afternoon California time, if you are in the US) I will have an interview with our HR people and my boss. All non-academic staff at the University are going through this process. … [Read More...]

From our “Every Knee Shall Bow” Department

Euro-civilizations in demographic collapse belatedly acknowledge (without, you know, acknowledging it) that Humanae Vitae was right: As Caiaphas illustrated when he said that it was better for one man to die than for a whole nation to perish, even the enemies of God wind up confessing the … [Read More...]

Very Perceptive

"Desiring to be persecuted means wishing that one of your siblings was your enemy, just so you could get a chance to be badass." - Leah Libresco And, by no coincidence at all, Reactionaries perpetually moan/boast about being persecuted everytime somebody objects to them denouncing 99% of the … [Read More...]

Seems worth supporting

Go here if you want to kick some money in. … [Read More...]

Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Starts just before 11 PM PDT, reaches totality at 12:06, should last about an hour. Result: "blood moon" during Holy Week, which is freaking out the signs and wonders crowd. I'll just enjoy the show till I get further word from God about whether or not this is The End. Unless the weather clouds … [Read More...]

Sitting with Mom

Please continue to pray for my Mom. Yesterday, we moved her things out of her room where she has lived the last few years because, well, she not coming home. Then the nursing home called and said she had taken a turn for the worse, so we all went to see her and, it was true. She had. When we saw … [Read More...]

My pal Marcus Daly is featured…

...in a story in the National Catholic Register. Check it out! … [Read More...]