Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

A reader writes:Good day! It's been some weeks, and I thought I should give some updates. The runaway sister has sent an email a few days after I requested for prayers. Apparently she needs "time to think." For what, I don't know. She hasn't mentioned where she is, and she hasn't mentioned her son. The child is currently staying with the other sister, who in the turmoil of what has happened has become resentful towards him. There has been talk of putting him up for adoption, which has caused … [Read More...]

Laughing at the Devil

Wherein we discuss the valuable truth that the opposite of "funny" is not "serious". The opposite of "funny" is "not funny". … [Read More...]

“Connecting the Dots” on Real Life Radio at 5 PM Eastern Join me and Simcha Fisher, to discuss adventures in Catholic family life and all manner of other stuff.Feel free to call in and join the fun at 1-855-949-1380!The shows are now available in podcast form here. … [Read More...]

Hey Western Washington! Mark Your Calendars!

To celebrate Alleluia Catholic Book Store's new location at 12545 -116th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA, I will be there at 7:00 PM on June 3 to talk about Mary, Mother of the Son and do a book signing. Hope to see you there! … [Read More...]

“Pope Francis Made My Mom Stop Hating Catholicism”

There are, roughly speaking, two ways stories like this get interpreted in our polarized American Church.1. I'm glad somebody found the grace of the Holy Spirit, working through Francis, to reconsider the Church and, if all goes well, become a disciple of Jesus Christ.2. Francis is … [Read More...]

You can still avoid the destruction of civilization if you act now!

Remember 15 years ago when the Y2K bug caused civilization to collapse and the world came to an end? Good times! Good times!Some were led astray by Brand X Survival Guides:Poor Leonard Nimoy. He recently died of his Y2K injuries, like so many who trusted in his words.Our survival … [Read More...]

Andy Serkis is making Animal Farm

I hereby declared dibs on the phrase "Serkis Animals" and demand a quarter in copyright dues every time somebody uses it. … [Read More...]

I love this guy so much!

My idea of a verray parfit gentil knyght. … [Read More...]

Nichelle Nichols on the First Interracial Kiss in US Television History

It's hard to believe that this was shocking within my lifetime. A fascinating bit of, as it were, oral history. … [Read More...]

Don’t Mince Words, GKC. What Do You *Really* Think?

"I am firmly convinced that the Reformation of the sixteenth century was as near as any mortal thing can come to unmixed evil. Even the parts of it that might appear plausible and enlightened from a purely secular standpoint have turned out rotten and reactionary, also from a purely secular … [Read More...]

California! They are trying to sneak euthanasia into your state!

Reader Dr. Thomas McKenna writes:SIGN PETITION NOW A threatening legislative cloud is looming ominously over the Golden State of California right now.In less than 24 hours, proposed physician-assisted suicide legislation could clear its first hurdle with an approval vote by the State … [Read More...]

Great News!

This didn't happen!  Carry on! … [Read More...]

Demons, Deliverance, Discernment

Fr. Mike Driscoll on the reality of the demonic and how the Church approaches it sensibly and without all the lurid nonsense you get in the popular culture. … [Read More...]

Avengers Kung Fu!

This speaks to me at a deep visceral level--and in poorly dubbed English to boot:I particularly enjoy the Almost Wilhelm Scream. … [Read More...]

Young Dad Transforms How Kids Learn About Saints

Reader Dominic de Souza writes: ​​I have published a website to transform the way we learn about the saints: a social network through which the saints come to life online. Catechists and parents struggle to teach children about the lives of the saints in a manner relevant to modern technology. Sain … [Read More...]

Hey! It’s Chesterton’s Birthday!

And everything is 29% off over at Chesterton Press. Click the adorable graphic to go get some bargains! … [Read More...]

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! to the Great State of Nebraska…

...for outlawing the death penalty and then overriding the veto of the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife Catholic governor for whom the teaching of the Church is not as important as the conservative will to keep the US in the company of such enlightened regimes as Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, China, … [Read More...]

Stephen Fry, Suffering, and Job

[Read More...]

Echoes of Eden

Sometimes our God-intended rapport with the beasts is still visible: … [Read More...]

My son is some kind of literary genius

Cow recently got an IT job at a local Catholic high school. He writes:Working at a high school, it's important to time our movements through the school. If we leave the safety of our office at the wrong time, halfway to our destination, the bell could ring and we find ourselves caught in what … [Read More...]

Pythonesque Hilarity

British Nazi fail: … [Read More...]