Frank Capra Movie in Real Life grotesque racist mayor gets kicked out of his job and a new guy is sworn in on an old Bible in West York, PA, with cross around his neck and everything.  Nice to see. … [Read More...]

Sweet Good Sunday

Had a lovely day yesterday. After Mass (which was deeply nourishing), took a five mile walk through the neighborhood, through an October wood, across the freeway overpass, down the interurban trail, around the lake, up and around the quiet lane behind our house, down to the store and home. Then my love and I snuggled in and watched Goodbye, Mr. Chips (a magnificent story of the exaltation of the humble), I took a delicious nap, and then we watched Sense and Sensibility.Deeply restful. … [Read More...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes:This lad, Nolan Scully, is in great need of immediate prayer. He is undergoing intensive cancer surgery today that he may very well not survive. Our parish held a prayer service for him Sunday, pleading with the Lord for His Divine Mercy.Any assistance you can provide via your blog would be very much appreciated.Father, hear our prayer for Nolan's complete healing in body, soul, and spirit. Give his caregivers grace, compassion, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, … [Read More...]

Check out this cool music!

I wanted to make you aware of an exciting new project. Dynamic Catholic released its first Christmas & Advent album. The album, O Emmanuel, is a new 10 track album featuring a mesmerizing synthesis of jazz improvisation, classical and sacred music. In the first week of pre-order the album sold more than 2000 copies.To listen to the music you can go to There, you can also watch several videos to learn more about the collaborative effort of the GRAMMY Award-winning pianist, … [Read More...]

Connecting the Dots Bonanza!

On Monday, Sherry Antonetti gabbed about Deathstorm 2016 and other adventures:On Tuesday, Michael Lichens and I yakked about the Discovery of the Trinity:On Wednesday, Rod Bennett and I had a grand time talking about Frankenstein, both the book and the film(s):On Thursday, … [Read More...]

Your shot at streaming Great Performances Show on “Hamilton”

Do it right now: … [Read More...]

“I spent 28 years on death row”

Powerful story. I’ve never had an apology, but I forgave those involved in my conviction long before I left prison. I didn’t forgive them so they can sleep well at night. I did it so I can. You can't send anybody to hell by refusing to forgive them.  You can only keep yourself in hell that way. … [Read More...]

Hillary is the War Machine Candidate

Now that it is becoming obvious Hillary will win, it is time to turn our thoughts toward opposing the still very serious danger she poses.First on the list, her bellicose foreign policy and the danger of her plunging us into a proxy (and perhaps not-so-proxy) war with Russia. … [Read More...]

So the James O’Keefe Smear Machine is back in business

He was all the rage a few years ago, pioneering the whole "destroy Right Wing Culture War enemies with edited videos" tactic.Did some damage to ACORN and everybody acclaimed him a hero for nine days.  Various people thought he was a conservative folk hero. He got invited to a soiree that some … [Read More...]

This is a really good piece from Brandon McGinley at First Things

...rejecting the "dirty hands" thesis Jean Bethke Elshtain put forward a decade ago in defense of doing evil that good may come of it. It has placed Christian in the current bind they find themselves in and, like all Faustian Bargains, given them nothing in return. Bravo! Elshtain’s thesis was that … [Read More...]

Seamless Garment Heretic Rejects Five Non-Negotiables

[Read More...]

David French chronicles the abuse he and his family have endured…

at the hands of the evil Alt-Right.Nancy French, his wife, a survivor of sexual abuse, writes with courage about the trauma this election.A good and brave man and woman. God grant them and their family a reward for their courage. … [Read More...]

On the air with Deacon Steven Greydanus at 5 PM Eastern

...on Connecting the Dots.  Give us a call or text us at 1-573-4BREAD4 or text us @breadboxmedia. … [Read More...]

This is kind of amazing

It's really impressive that they could put this together so fast: … [Read More...]

Lutheran Satire Kills Me

My eschatology is limited to "He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead" and I really could not care less about this argument.But this video is just so funny I had to share it. … [Read More...]

On the Air with Doug O’Brien at 5 PM Eastern

on Connecting the Dots.  Give us a call or text us at 1-573-4BREAD4 or tweet us @breadboxmediaToday we will be doing the autopsy on the third debate and the dearly departed Donald Trump campaign. … [Read More...]

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings…

Suzanne Greydanus records this conversation:Nathan (10): "Mom, why do people in movies always fall for the bad guy saying (in his best maniacal bad guy voice), 'I will give you power!!' Don't they know he's just lying??"Me: It's not just people in movies. … [Read More...]

Matthew Loftus Gets It

Donald Trump is the apotheosis of the sexual revolution’s worst male impulses. He has spent his entire life creating the culture that encourages abortions. He has profited off of the exploitation of women and spoken openly of his own proclivity for sexual assault—both of which undermine any argument … [Read More...]

On a lighter note…

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Autopsy on the Debate

Ezra Klein sums things up very well:As far as abortion went, the candidates did exactly what they've done. Hillary was frank in her support for her biggest blind spot and defended the indefensible: sticking scissors in a baby' brain in partial birth abortion. Appalling.And Trump? … [Read More...]

How Catholic Catechesis Works, As Explained via a Star Wars Trailer

First, you have the text:Then, you have the Magisterial authority poring over the text and bringing out the hidden insights and connections embedded in it that you might have missed without the Magisterium helping you see them: … [Read More...]