“Me too”

So a little initiative by women on Facebook took off like wildfire the other day.  It simply consisted of women who have been sexually harrassed or assaulted writing “Me too” on their walls.  The simple point was to try to get it through thick male skulls that This Is a Thing and not a rarity.  The astonishing thing for this Thick Headed Male was just how many women answered the call.  The immensity of the #metoo movement takes my breath away and… Read more

Michael Gerson on the appalling idolatry of the Religious Right

Yep: “There is more at stake here than bad politics. When Christians ally their faith with bias and exclusion, they are influencing how the public views Christianity itself. They are associating the teachings of Jesus Christ — a globalist when it came to the Great Commission — with ethnonationalist ideology. This should be a sobering prospect for any Christian. But few seem sobered. Instead, the faithful give standing ovations to the purveyors of division and prejudice.When anyone or anything takes… Read more

Pope Initiates Schism with American Conservative Catholic Death Penalty Fans

Even the Orthodox are all like, “Get serious, you guys!” to American conservative Catholics pretending Pope Francis’ remark that it is contrary to the gospel is some huge problem: To kill people unnecessarily is contrary to the gospel. Huge baffling mystery that puzzles American conservative Catholics alone resolved! The spectacle of Catholics striving to drag the Church away from the Holy Father and mercy and closer to Communists and Islamic despots is just such an amazing freak show. Pete Vere,… Read more

My religion is cooler than yours

My pal Tom McDonald, finder of astonishing Catholic arcana, will periodically make that remark when he posts some amazing oddity out of Catholic history and culture.  I thought of that the other day when we were having one of those discussions about the Catholic Puritan strategy for shutting down whatever it is the Catholic Puritan hates with the tried and true, “Would the Immaculate Conception do or say X?” The backdrop of the conversation was the firing of Rebecca Bratten Weiss… Read more

The Church is not Going to Reverse its Development of Doctrine on the Death Penalty

As much as kill crazy American Conservative Catholics and their close intellectual allies, the Communists and Islamic despots may stamp their feet and demand it, the Church is not going to stop calling for the abolition of the death penalty.  Pope Francis just made this clear again by telling us that capital punishment is contrary to the gospel. The Usual Suspects on the RightWingoSphere are out in force panicking that the Pope is now a Full Blown Heretic and offering… Read more

Peter Stockland at the Catholic Register

gives me hope, not so much because he agree with me but because he has mercy on the weak and struggling, which is what the gospel is all about. Read more

Could Jesus Learn Things?

The second part of my series on Jesus and the Canaanite Woman.  Here’s a taste, read the rest at the link: Lt us continue with my reader’s remarks: The prepaschal Jesus was ethnocentric to first century Israel. He called her a dog—you know what he called her. Not a female pet dog. A vermin little (not CUTE) FEMALE dog. This is an enormous insult to the woman. Gentiles were commonly referred to as dogs by ancient Israelites. Jesus apparently repeats… Read more

Mike Flynn has far too much fun…

…correcting yet another “expert” on the martyrdom of Hypatia: At Medium, “The Herstory of Hypatia” — Herstory, get it? — written by one Joshua Hehe, who bills himself as: Theorist, Pantheist, Ontologist, Syncretist, Glocalist, Anthropologist, Populist, Cosmologist, Futurist, Ethicist, Alarmist, Epistemologist, Occultist, Artist,… Clearly this impressive list of accomplishments qualifies him to write about Late Antiquity. Or something. My old buddy Mohsen is a cosmologist, and I am familiar with the range of mathematics and physics he had to master. (TOF… Read more

Jimmy Akin Looks at Whether the Exodus Occurred

…and does his usual thorough and measured job of sifting the data. Result: Yeah. I’m one of those people who generally thinks that when an entire people attests to the reality of a historical event, it’s a safe bet that something, rather than nothing, lies behind it.  Confident declarations that there is *nothing* to the Flood story, *nothing* to the Exodus and *nothing* to the claim that Jesus existed and *nothing* to the belief of his disciples that he was… Read more

When Elephants Fight, It is the Grass That Suffers

So the open secret that Harvey Weinstein is a vile swine and sex predator is out.  He’s been doing it for decades, lots of people knew it, and lots of people worked to cover it up. He was, says the Kansas Star, the Democrat Roger Ailes: a powerful bully people were terrified to cross, a rapist and a perv.  The people who protected and sucked up to him were largely on the Left.  Media types from the NY Times on… Read more

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