The Hutch Closes in on a cancer cure THE MAGIC MICROSCOPIC particles that might change the world — and in the process, permanently burnish Seattle’s spot on the big, ascent-of-man scientific map — are, at this very moment, being carted about on a medical campus one short traffic jam away from the shores of Lake Union. Their mode of transport: a thermo-molded plastic lunch cooler, of the sort one might nab at Walmart to carry a baloney sandwich and some… Read more

So, in 2013, the repulsive Michael Cohen actually, seriously, sent a cease and desist letter to the Onion, because these snowflakes really are that thin-skinned. The reason for the letter was that the Onion wrote a piece, purportedly by Donald Trump, titled “When You’re Feeling Low, Just Remember I’ll Be Dead In About 15 Or 20 Years.” Now any idiot would know that Donald Trump did not write this piece because it contains large, hard-t0-spell words above a third grade… Read more

…on Connecting the Dots today!  Check it out! Go here to find out how to join and support the ASP. You don’t have to give up your party to do so. So you can still (as I will) vote Dem this fall in order to destroy as much of the Party of Trump as possible. But you can support the ASP in small, local races and help build up this alternative to the disasters that are the two major parties…. Read more

A sane conservative Catholic writes from Oz: I have seen, of course, a great deal. But never before today was I aware of certain products of the Australian Christianist sewer who compared Robert Mueller – in complete seriousness – to … Lavrentiy Beria. The exact phrase is a complaint about “blank cheque terms of reference that purport to allow special counsel Rob Mueller to behave as if he were some American reincarnation of Lavrentiy Beria whose theme was ‘Show me… Read more

You can find the Hello and Welcome! site here: Hello and Welcome! is a Catholic Christian podcast dedicated to helping you to grow in your relationship with God, self, and others. Episodes include engaging storytelling and a wide range of topics – marriage, friendship, parenting, gratitude, prayer, finding inner peace, conquering anxiety, giving and receiving forgiveness, and learning to be happy in all circumstances. Hello and Welcome! content is 100% faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Here’s the… Read more

…over at The Catholic Weekly. Americans are supposed to not care about Royal Weddings because, you know, American. We actually have it in our Constitution that you cannot have titles of royalty and nobility.  If you come here and become a citizen you have to legally drop “Sir” from Sir Anthony Hopkins or Sir Patrick Stewart. So it’s pretty bred in the bone to have something ranging from indifference to hostility to the whole Royals thing—at least officially and in public…. Read more

Iconic boy from U2 album covers chews out U2 for selling out the unborn: AS A child, he was the face of no fewer than three U2 album covers but, as an adult, Peter Rowen has found himself at odds with the Irish band. The 44-year-old award-winning photographer and cover star of albums like “War” is set to clash with the Irish music heavyweights in the upcoming May 25 referendum. U2 have come out in support of the Yes campaign,… Read more

This is Cynthia Tisdale. Some time back her husband was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.  So, living in America, which tells people like her husband to die if they cannot afford treatment, she went to work at two jobs to try to support her family and save him if she could. One of those jobs was in a classroom in Santa Fe, Texas, where a boy who felt entitled to sex was told “No” in front of a bunch of… Read more

Jeffrey Overstreet points me to this fine dissection of why The Hobbit films sucked.  I like the intelligence of the analysis.  It’s not just a rant.  It is just to the films while still explaining their badness: Read more

SANTA FE, TX – The American Gun Cult renewed its commitment to seeing as many dead children as it takes in order to maintain profits for the Arms Industry while its willing dupes, addicts, and narcissists renewed their commitment to lies and death in their overwhelming selfishness. Echoing Conservative Folk Hero Joe the Plumber, the Gun Cult issued a statement saying, “Your dead kids do not and never will matter to me more than my precious, precious gun. So screw… Read more

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