Love Meeting Love: Ecumenism for Us Ordinary People under discussion over at the Register. … [Read More...]

“The atheists and comedians are entering the Kingdom of Heaven ahead of you…”

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Somebody Asked Me if I Thought Trump Voters were in Mortal Sin

Of course not.  Mortal sin requires grave matter, sufficient understanding and interior freedom.So with three year old who shoots his sister to death there is grave matter (a little girl is dead) but no understanding and therefore no sin, not even a venial one.  A killing, but not a murder was done.Likewise, when Sophie is forced by the Nazi to choose which of her children should be murdered or watch them  both die, she is in no way guilty of being an accessory to murder since she has no … [Read More...]

Becoming Friends with Mary Magdalene

Went to Mass this morning and had a little epiphany.  I have, with rare exceptions, accepted the Communion of Saints as a doctrine of the faith, not as a "felt reality".  I pray to the saints because the Church recommends it, not because I live a life of emotive mystical communion with them, sensing … [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I'd like to request your prayers over this. This happened to the nephew on one of my dearest friends from high school. Father, grant eternal rest to this boy, peace and consolation to all who mourn him, and swift justice to his murderer through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary, pray … [Read More...]

Colbert and Stewart were born for this hour

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The Central Achievement of Donald Trump

Trump has achieved what no Democrat could ever do: Get conservative Christians to enthusiastically, if not fanatically, back a candidate who supports both abortion and gay marriage and still feel as righteous about themselves and contemptuous of their culture war enemies as when they once opposed … [Read More...]

Dion Turns “The Thunderer” into a Blues Tune

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Dear Simcha Fisher: You are a terrible Catholic mother…

if you do not immediately provide your children with a John Paul II Lawn Sprinkler. … [Read More...]

Now we will elect a new chancellor, a strong chancellor:

one who will not let our tragedy continue.Well, the Trumpkins have played their part as Jar-Jar Binks and nominated Palpatine.  He has given his empty speech full of rage and hollow promises.Most telling moment: the Obama-mocking Trumpkin chant of "YES YOU WILL!" with its unwitting testament … [Read More...]


It is exquisite that the Party of Religious Liberty regards "vote your conscience" as an act of utter betrayal. … [Read More...]

Urgent prayer request

A friend who suffers from depression is in crisis. Please pray for her. Thank you! … [Read More...]

My Birthday is just a few days away

...and I don't think I can live a happy and fulfilled life without a Solar Pope Statue.It's our Birthday, precious, and we wants it. … [Read More...]

The Struggle for Religious Liberty took its latest punishing blow the Party of God--fresh from freaking out all week long about our desperately imperiled religious liberty--hysterically booed off the stage a man who urged people to obey their conscience. All on behalf of a guy who wants to punish and persecute people solely on the basis of their religion. … [Read More...]

Crazy, Holy Love

Steve Greydanus on the beautiful story of a mad monk who built a Cathedral by hand.I *love* that the Catholic Church is the natural home of eccentrics and passionate oddballs in love with God. … [Read More...]

Pray for a Little Girl

A reader writes:I don't normally do this, but I'd like a prayer request. A friend of mine from law school has a beautiful 3 year old daughter, Caroline. Caroline was diagnosed with cancer in November 2015. I've been fairly involved with the family. She's been up and down, and recently she was … [Read More...]

Trump Advisor Advocates Shooting Hillary Clinton

This is the Party of God, Apple Pie and Truth and what it now stands for: killing its political enemies.It is the duty of every American patriot to stop this menace from ever getting near the White House.Dear Trumpkins, please feel free to comment in my comboxes and advocate for the murder … [Read More...]

A Definition of Insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Scott Eric Alt writes:Facts matter. Roe v Wade was a 7-2 verdict, and 5 of the 7 were Republican appointed. PP v Casey was 5-4, and ALL of the 5 were Republican appointed. If the plan for overturning Roe is continuing … [Read More...]

The words “Hillary wins” on Election Day…

will carry for me all the excitement and joy of "We only had to amputate below the knee to get all the gangrene."Once Trump is dispatched as the gravest internal threat our country has ever faced, the real work will begin of salvaging what is left of the credibility of the prolife movement with … [Read More...]

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The Case for Hillary is Simple

She's not Trump.  That's it.  That's all.  I support Hillary with the white hot passion of a thousand shrugs.  Which is to say I'd vote for her if I had to (if I lived in a swing state), but will vote a third party protest both against the both of them since I live in ultra-violet blue Washington and … [Read More...]