Courage for Thee, Selfishness for Me: The Right Wing Credo

Courage for Thee, Selfishness for Me: The Right Wing Credo May 15, 2020

A new form of chickenhawkery has arisen with the Right Wing Cult of Death.  The cowards who themselves were draft dodgers but gung ho to send others to go die for them in Iraq 20 years ago are now the same cowards singing the praises of their own “courage” while they eagerly send others out to die for their stock portfolios.  R.R. Reno, who contributes nothing to the world but boasts about his courage and demands that others die for him is typical of the breed.

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What sticks out is the utter and complete selfishness.  The conception of the mask is totally about Keeping Me Safe.  The thought that masks are about keeping others safe does not for one second enter this intensely selfish man’s head.  He is an avatar of the Me Generation, not of the gospel. And just to drive it home, he elsewhere declares he made an unauthorized visit to an ER on April 27, deliberately defying the hospital’s no-visitors policy, then blithely declares that he tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies in early May. The French term for this is le asshole, not hero.

(Entertainingly, Reno, after berating decent people as cowards for showing consideration and getting his ass handed to him by a ton of critics, has courageously deleted his Twitter account. Exclusive footage of this event has been obtained by Catholic and Enjoying It.)

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This is normative for the MAGA “prolife” Cult.  Here is “prolife” folk hero Abby Johnson, who was elevated to Infallibility status by having a movie made about her, urging the death of the lebensunwertes leben rather than her being inconvenienced:

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Here again is the phony appeal to courage.  If you show some consideration for other people, you are a Sheeple “controlled by the government”.  Because selfishness, not love of neighbor, is the controlling principle of the MAGA antichrist cult.  And radical selfishness always portrays itself as “courage”.  Especially, when the emergent mantra of the “prolife” MAGA cult is “Yes, life is precious, but…” followed by “My body, my choice” (which translates as “You poor folk need to risk your lives because my dedication to Mammon demands it”).

We hear the same song and dance from the liars at FOX, who urge their audience to fight the sane public health policy of sane public health officials while themselves continuing to shelter in place.

Indeed, so eager are the right wing selfoids to shove others out into danger that they have no compunction about sending kids into peril (of which more in a moment).

Simcha Fisher noted another display of this phony, self-centered courage:

Real Catholics: I’m so over these restrictions from spineless, craven bishops! My deus vulting is so strong, I would DIE for the Eucharist! I love Christ and do not fear death!!!! I choose it willingly for the love of my Lord!!!!!!!

Me, a fake Catholic: But that might actually put other people in danger, and actually make *them* die, so . . .

Real Catholics: Pff, what an exaggeration. So overblown and dramatic. It’s just a sniffle, good grief.

Note again: The conception of courage is 100% narcissistic.  It’s about feeling brave, not being brave.  That’s for other people.  They must “offer their sufferings up” if the Hero willing to kill them for the Eucharist gives them the disease.  The Hero damn well will not offer up a thing.

The complete and utter narcissism is not new with the Cult.  We’ve seen it from the Gun Cultists for decades.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'The syllabus machine @PaterAletheias If you carry a gun everywhere so that you could stop a mass shooting, but you won't wear a mask anywhere to stop pandemic from spreading, your actual goal is to feel like a badass, not to protect the people around you. 9:34 AM 11 May 20 Tweetbot'

And all this goes to demonstrate the catastrophically hypocritical selfishness of the MAGA “prolife” antichrist witness, ably summed up here:

The fakes in the MAGA Cult think nothing of telling people who do not even share the Faith that they are morally obliged to live by its moral principles at tremendous sacrifice. Yet when the call goes out to them to wear so much as a face mask to save human lives they screech and complain that they are subjected to intolerable Diocletian persecution. Yet again they make clear that they are not the least bit serious about the sanctity of human life. They care about nihilist predatory power. And God’s Name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of them.

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