The MAGA Cult Always Confesses When It Accuses

The MAGA Cult Always Confesses When It Accuses May 4, 2020

Cast in Point:

National Review baselessly accuses the NY Times and its readers of “dancing on the graves” of MAGA folk who die of COVID. They are responding to this piece, which does nothing of the kind:

Here are the top rated comments:

“I am so sorry for this entire family; what an avoidable tragedy.
That said, my spouse and I are the same age as Mr. Joyce, but in true role reversal, we listen to our children. When our grown son instructed us we were not to go to a large party in mid-March, we took his demand seriously. When our daughter said we needed to stay out of public places except for essentials, we took her admonition to heart. We have been wearing masks and gloves for 5 weeks now, and will continue to do so until a vaccine is available. And we will not gather in groups even if everyone we know is doing so; especially if everyone we know is doing so.”


“This story breaks my heart. My sympathies to Joe’s and Artie’s loved ones.
But I know all too well how a person who is otherwise compassionate and educated can become trapped in the FOX/Trump bubble of lies, distortion, and misinformation.
My mother, an intelligent and educated woman, 88 years of age, is an avid FOX watcher. She was calling the virus “hype” and a “hoax” – until FOX and Trump realized the virus was upon us and changed their tune, claiming they knew all along how bad it was. Now she is on board with that. She simply parrots whatever the current propaganda is being pushed by FOX or Trump.
It’s all so sad: for Joe, Artie, and so many others who have become ensnared in this web of lies. God help us.”


“So sorry.
But I ask: was it the virus or the lies that killed this very good man.
A piece in the NYT about 3 weeks ago looked at Germany’s response to the virus; that they flattened their curve was attributed, by one of their virologist, to a combination of rational decision making at the top levels of their government, that government having earned the trust of their people. On a broadcast last night, I heard Germany’s leaders understood and agreed with the analysis of their scientists, that this novel virus posed a threat to their nation. It surely helped that Angela Merkel was a research chemist before she became PM. She’s educated and she’s rational. Germany also had a functional medical system to call on.
So is it any wonder that the US ended up with 2-3 times the number of covid 19 cases compared to Spain, the runner up for this dubious prize. We lack rational decision making in our top levels of government, there is overall distrust of all governmental institutions and our medical system is disjointed, fragmented and allowing emergency services to serve as primary care for the uninsured.
I would add we are doubly cursed with a leader who is now inciting armed resistance to shelter in place. So which is worse: the virus or a president who actively works against the reality of the virus.”

Not that there is not grave-dancing for COVID victims though. Just the other day, the internet was blowing up with MAGA cultists laughing and gloating over the death of Elizabeth Warren’s brother from COVID.

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And this was just the tip of the iceberg of cruel gloating from the MAGA death cult.

The Cult always projects its dark Id on to those it hates.

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