“All Lives Matter”

“All Lives Matter” May 1, 2020

Remember when All Lives Mattered? With the rise of cell cam technology, people kept filming cops beating the living daylights out of people with brown skin, often young people. You know, like this:

and this:

So black people, (not armed like these guys because that would be suicide)

Thousands of armed protesters turn out for Trump-supported gun ...

turned out with the modest request to, you know, not be beaten and killed.  Compare and contrast the outrageous demands of black folk to be allowed to live with that of the heavily armed whites demanding the freedom to kill others with pandemic because they are just so super duper oppressed:

Image may contain: 11 people, crowd and outdoor

This is what “white privilege” means.  And before you regurgitate some Gun Cult lies about the second amendment recall the names of Philando Castile and Tamir Rice.  Gun rights are for whites, not blacks, in this country. That’s why the NRA was stony silent when these guys got murdered.

The black folk who organized protests were not armed, like the white supremacists who form Trump’s base and who Trump calls “very fine people“.  But they were often getting killed by agents of the state, as again Philando Castile and Tamir Rice could tell you if they had not been murdered in cold blood by the cops.

Nor were people like Colin Kaepernick shrieking about their supremacy as white supremacists always do.  Their slogan was not “Black Lives Are Superior”.  It was just Black Lives Matter.  That was all.  Just “matter”.  Not an overwhelming demand when you think about it.  Just recognize that their lives matter.

But of course, for the freak show that was jelling to the MAGA cult, even such a modest request was too much to endure.  So the Right Wing Lie Machine immediately shot back with “All Lives Matter” in order to drown this modest request and make it sound like black people were demanding special treatment by begging not to be beaten and killed.

All Lives Matter” the MAGA “prolife” cult lied.  “We care about everybody,” they lied, “not just one spoiled minority group.”

Till COVID exposed that lie:

You heard it start to rumble when Bill O’Reilly dismissed the rising death toll with a wave of the hand that those being killed by COVID were “on their last legs” so no big deal. It was just culling the herd of weaklings.

Then there is uber superduper “prolife” MAGA cultist Ben Shapiro, explaining why Granny Lebensunwertes Leben won’t be missed:

And here is Tom Cotton demonstrating that, yet again, the MAGA Cult always uses accusation as a form of confession. The Trump cult of death, having spent a couple of months deflecting from Trump criminal incompetence by baselessly asserting that the Chinese “weaponized” a pandemic outbreak now make clear, as they always do, that what they accuse others of is just them speaking out of the wickedness in their own lying souls. They are the ones who want to weaponize this pandemic. So here is Cotton demanding that we need to ban Chinese students from studying science in the US lest we find a cure for COVID and the Chinese have the temerity to gain access to, you know, something that will help them live. Cotton wants them to die.

And when the Pope sends his almoner to help feed hungry transgender people in Italy, because they are, you kn0w, hungry and deserve to live, the “prolife” MAGA enemies of the Church spew contempt for him and the people he helps feed.

In a word, “All lives matter” was always a lie. Only those lives useful to the Trump Cult of Mammon and Power matter. And to back up its selfish stupidity, this xenophobic cult of death has cut the US off from the international cooperation that beats pandemics, because the goal is to monetize, not share a cure. Of course, the notion that this science-hating cult of death is going to find a cure before the rest of the world is already dicey. American scientists might pull it off, but no thanks to morons like this who are doing everything they can to keep them from sharing information with the global science community.

Be more prolife, not less.  Beat this satanic death cult in November.

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