Sep. 26: Survey Says: Hire a Veteran

Businesses looking to hire employees who exhibit “selflessness,” “resilience,” “team orientation,” and “reliability” should seriously consider military veterans.  That’s what a study by the University of Phoenix Research Institute discovered after polling over 800 corporate managers and executives.Caroline Molina-Ray, the Institute’s executive director, told the New York Post’s Chris Erikson that they undertook the study because there was a lack of information about how veterans adjust to a c … [Read more...]

Sep. 25: An Imitation of Christ

As Christians, we are called to carry a cross in this lifetime. The cross changes, depending on our age, circumstance, and vocation. Yet, no matter how heavy it is, we are to lean on Christ and find joy despite the pain. That’s what Jean Biscombe—known as “Ms. Jean” to her Charlotte, North Carolina, pre-school students—did when she was fighting cancer.As recalled by Catholic News Herald columnist Rico De Silva whose daughter was in Biscombe’s class, it was easy to forget she was fighting canc … [Read more...]

Sep 24: The Human Experience

The powerful documentary The Human Experience earned a Christopher Award in 2011.  It profiled brothers Jeffrey and Clifford Azize, who set out on a trek around the world with their friends to discover the essence of the human spirit.They lived with the homeless on the streets of New York, cared for disabled children in Peru, and visited victims of leprosy and AIDS in Africa.Along the way, they explored questions about the purpose of life and the inherent dignity of every … [Read more...]

Sep. 23: Blueprint for Achievement

Author William Arthur Ward once wrote a “blueprint for achievement” if you want to be a winner in life.  His suggestions are:“Believe while others are doubting.“Plan while others are playing.“Study while others are sleeping.“Decide while others are delaying.“Prepare while others are daydreaming.“Begin while others are procrastinating.“Work while others are wishing.“Save while others are wasting.“Listen while others are talking.“Smile while others are poutin … [Read more...]

Sep. 22: Courage in Small Steps

Father Joseph Peek of Atlanta, Georgia, was diagnosed with leukemia shortly before his ordination.  His treatment led to serious new health problems. The once-athletic Navy man became weak and vulnerable to infections.  Yet he also struggled to prevent his illness from getting the better of him.Though plagued with open wounds—including those on the soles of his feet—he walked three miles in the “Win the Fight” 5K to raise money for The Winship Cancer Institute at Emery University in Atlanta. … [Read more...]

Sep. 21: Why Breakfast Is Best

Fact: Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  But why?Breakfast is literally just that, breaking the fast that your body is in from the night before.  At that first meal, you give your body fuel and energy so you don’t spend the day stumbling around in a fog, possibly fighting off a headache and a bad attitude to go with it.In addition, eating that morning meal can help you lose weight.  If you skip breakfast, your body won’t process your next meal as quickly, trying to h … [Read more...]

Sep. 20: The Coach as Wounded Healer

You might think that a former defensive lineman for the Baltimore Colts and Detroit Lions would believe a coach’s job—especially a coach of young people—is to teach them to win games.  Joe Ehrmann, however, says, “A coach’s responsibilities include helping young people to confront and comprehend the toxic culture that is trying to seduce and shape them.”As a guest on Christopher Closeup, Ehrmann said he came to that belief due to poor male influences in his life, like his abusive father.  In … [Read more...]

Sep. 19: Young Athletes Start On Right Foot

Serious athletes want to focus on their sport, not their uniforms.  That’s why the girls’ track team at Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C. wanted an alternative to their sometimes-revealing uniforms, which often left them feeling self-conscious and attracting unwanted attention from boys.When Coach Marvin Parker learned of their discomfort he took action.  As an admirer of tennis great Althea Gibson, he knew she had competed in a white skirt.  He thought it would be wonderful if girls fro … [Read more...]